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Father’s Day
Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Natural Hair Products for Men Who Love Mother Earth

The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.

Antoine François Prévost

This Father’s Day, we celebrate all the devoted dads who instill a love of nature in their children. The fathers who teach us about camping, bird watching, and gardening. Dads who coach us to recycle, seek environmental justice, and conserve water.

In honor of dads everywhere who are forces of nature, we’ve created this Father’s Day gift guide of eco-friendly natural hair products for men.

These shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products feature botanical and organic ingredients with no silicones, SLS, parabens, or coal tar. They’re packaged in recyclable materials, and they aren’t tested on animals.

Each product was created by the Leonor Greyl family, which is devoted to its Earth-first legacy. This year, Leonor Greyl is donating $1 for every product sold to The SeaCleaners, an innovative organization building the first seagoing vessel capable of collecting and processing more than 100 tons of plastic trash per trip.

We curated the following Father’s Day shopping guide by Dad Types to make things easy for you eco-conscious gift-givers. Invest in one of these green luxury essentials for dad:

Our Best Natural Hair Products for Men

For Dads with Full Hearts and Thinning Hair: Shampooing Au Miel

Shampooing Au Miel by Leonor Greyl

Made with 96.6% natural ingredients. This gentle everyday shampoo is a dream come true for thinning hair in need of a volume and shine boost. Featuring acacia honey extracts and body-building almond proteins.

For a deep treatment, give dad Tonique Vivifiant, a leave-in energizing spray for hair vitality. It’s made with 95% natural ingredients, including tenuiflora mimosa, collagen, and amino acids for strength for lifeless hair.

For the Practical Dad: Douceur Végétale

Douceur Vegetale by Leonor Greyl

What’s more practical than a daily essential that doubles as a hair and body wash? Douceur Végétale, which is made with 91% natural ingredients, also is perfect for travel or after sports. Jean-Marie came up with the idea for Douceur Végétale while on a cruise in Martinique, where freshwater was limited. What if there was a cleansing gel that lathered so easily, it foamed even in seawater? He headed back to his lab, and in 1985, Douceur Végétale was born!

Lait Lavant à la Banane is another excellent choice for daily use. This extra-gentle hair cleanser is enriched with plant proteins and plantain extracts to add softness and body to fine, limp, or oily hair. Made with 97% natural ingredients.

For Dads Whose Hair Needs Taming: Gel a l’Hibiscus

Gel a la Hibiscus by Leonor Greyl

Made with 90% natural ingredients. Moringa protein in this alcohol-free styling gel tames frizz and improves thickness while walnut extract seals in moisture and hibiscus extracts provide protection.

For Dads Who Rock Their Locks: Eclat Naturel

Eclat naturel by leonor greyl

Made with 96% natural ingredients. Conditioning shea butter and jojoba oil are the star ingredients of our award-winning styling cream for thick and unruly hair.

For Dads Who Strive for Perfection: Baume Bois de Rose

leonor greyl baum bois de rose

Made with 93% natural ingredients. Men love this powerful styling balm with a matte finish and delicate rosewood scent. It’s not sticky, stiff, or greasy. Put full creative power in his hands!

For Dads Who Aren’t Flakey, But Their Scalps Are: Bain Traitant à la Propolis

Bain Traitant a la Propolis Leonor Greyl

Made with 93% natural ingredients. The signature ingredient in this highly effective dandruff treatment shampoo is bee propolis, which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent further scalp conditions.

The idea of including propolis in a shampoo came to Jean-Marie Greyl after a family trip to Egypt, where he learned that ancient Egyptians used this bee byproduct to preserve mummies because of its remarkable anti-microbial properties. Ten years of research went into the Bain Traitant à la Propolis formula, which premiered in 1994.

Leonor Greyl puts that kind of care and thought into every product – from the natural ingredients we select to the recyclable packaging we use. Show your dad how much you care about him and the Earth by giving the essential gift of Leonor Greyl!

We hope we’ve helped you find the perfect Father’s Day gift of natural hair products for the men in your life. Not sure which one is right for your dad? Consult with our Leonor Greyl Hair Concierge.

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