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How to Soothe a Sensitive Scalp and Help Restore its Balance

Dandruff, itching and more: handling these issues involves identifying and understanding what causes them.

Leonor Greyl Regenerescence Naturelle

Root Causes:

The scalp is covered with a natural hydrolipidic film that protects it against stress factors and bacteria, while ensuring its suppleness. This natural film can be damaged, due to many causes, and that is when dandruff and itching can appear.

The right and targeted products can address these scalp issues.

  • Stress, fatigue, vitamin deficiency and poorly balanced diets have an impact on sebum secretion and the skin’s pH balance.
  • The sun, chlorine, salt and pollution may irritate and dehydrate the scalp. More specifically, during winter months, colder air promotes scalp dryness and a feeling of tightness.
  • Color, texture and straightening treatments are not always well tolerated and may lead to irritation, followed by possible flaking.
  • Insufficient sebum production can result in scalp dryness and uncomfortable pulling sensations. By contrast, excess sebum promotes the abnormal growth of microbial flora, occasionally followed by itching.
  • The scalp undergoes constant renewal, which causes formation of dead cells, i.e. dandruff. Dandruff most frequently sheds from the scalp during hair washing. However, continuous shedding causes unpleasant and annoying flakes, itching, and irritation.

Is this something you are dealing with? Adjust your right routine with suitable products to take care of and desensitize your scalp.

The products to use and steps to follow:

  • Shampoo: take the time to wash scalp and hair thoroughly, by moistening the scalp with water, and massaging with product , to correctly eliminate dead cells during the emulsion phase.
  • Rinsing: Shampoo must be completely eliminated, by a thorough rinsing. This will prevent the risk of itching.
  • If hair is shampooed and rinsed too quickly, the dead cells begin shedding during drying, just like dandruff.
  • Do not use products that are too strong. These can damage the scalp and cause abnormal sebum secretion. A shampoo does not have to make a lot of foam to be effective!
  • As a pre-shampoo treatment, apply a few drops of Régénérescence Naturelle, a cocktail of essential and plant oils, to help cleanse, stimulate and regenerate the scalp, as well as neutralize itching.
  • Choose your shampoo, based on your scalp type, to effectively treat the specific problem. Bain Traitant à la Propolis treats dandruff conditions and instantly relieves itching thanks, to its anti-microbial and calming properties.
  • Once a week, indulge in a soothing treatment with Crème aux Fleurs. This ultimately calming, low-foaming cleansing cream was specially formulated to soothe very sensitive skin.. Applied to dry hair instead of a shampoo, it delivers an instant sensation of well-being and incredible softness to hair. You can also apply it after hair color treatments to relieve the scalp and recondition hair.

Tip: to treat a sensitive scalp with dandruff, combine Bain Traitant à la Propolis with Crème aux Fleurs (50/50 mixture) before applying to a dry scalp.

Allow your scalp to breathe again and restore beautifully healthy-looking hair!

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