Causes & Effective Solutions for Oily Hair

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You may wonder why your hair always has an oily look even after a good morning wash. This is a common problem for many women. Although your hair requires a certain amount of oil, excessive oil could easily become a persistent problem. Oily hair is not only uncomfortable, but it is also quite difficult to style. However, it is important to understand the cause of the problem in order to deal with it appropriately. Some of the common causes of oily hair include:

Improper cleaning

Although washing your hair should be a regular activity, improper washing could easily lead to excessive oil. If you suspect that this could be the cause of excessive hair oil, you should consider increasing the number of times you shampoo. In addition, use a natural shampoo that does not contain a lot of added fragrances and chemicals – these might increase the amount of oil in your hair.


A natural oil known as sebum is produced by the sebaceous gland under your skin. It performs the function of preventing water and bacteria from penetrating through your skin pores and provides moisture so your skin doesn’t dry up. Women, especially those going through menopause, experience an increase in their hormone levels. These include androgens, which are responsible for increasing the production of sebum and make the hair and scalp oily.


Fatty oily foods such as junk foods can also lead to an excessive production of oil on your scalp and skin. Ensuring that your diet includes an average intake of fats, minerals and vitamins will help reduce the amount of oil on your scalp and hair.


Using different styling products tends to give your hair a waxy and oily look. When choosing between hair products, ensure that you consider the ingredients and pick those that your hair requires. This will help you improve the quality of your hair while reducing the oil buildup. Chemical-laden products used on your skin leave a residue that is ultimately processed by the body and could potentially cause medical problems. Remember that while chemical hair products may produce a great look now, they could easily work against you in the long term. Choosing organic hair products rather than harsh chemicals is simply better for your body. The most effective way to deal with oily hair is to choose a natural product that is specifically formulated for this type of hair. For instance, a high performance natural treatment with proven ingredients is recommended when dealing with excessive hair oil. An organic combination of plant extracts, oils and nutrients will deliver just the right amount of oil to strengthen your hair, promote growth and give your hair a healthy look. If you are looking for a natural product to help you deal with oily hair, you should consider Leonor Greyl products for oily hair. They include organic ingredients such as lime tree, which is known for its anti-sebum properties, and sage, an effective cleanse for oily scalps. The formulations also include vitamins and plant proteins, which have exceptional conditioning properties. Recommended products for treating oily hair: [space]

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