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Massaging Scalp Brush

Massaging Scalp Brush

Purifies and Stimulates the Scalp


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Created to clean and massage, this brush helps the shampoo to lather up and purify the scalp while eliminating dandruff and residue.

Its relaxing action leaves the scalp more supple and improves scalp oxygenation, thus promoting hair growth. The ultimate tool for healthy and shiny hair!

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3 reviews for Massaging Scalp Brush

  1. D R Moreno

    I saw this product mentioned in a major magazine by one of its associate beauty editors. I decided to give it a try. I LOVE it!!!! It feels so good and I know it is good for my scalp as well. I liked it so well that I ordered one for my sister for her birthday!!

  2. Tee


    I truly feel like it changes the way my hair lays on my head and makes it feel so full and healthy. After using it for a couple of weeks, I went in to my hairdresser and she said “Your hair feels different, what have you been using or doing different?” My answer.. “The only thing different about my routine is massaging my scalp in the shower for 1-2 minutes with this massaging brush.” She explained how great the product is for my hair and my scalp health and really believes it makes a difference.

    This is a product EVERYONE should make time for in their hair care routine. All it takes is a couple minutes to revive those tired follicles and make your hair feel like a new you!

  3. Cam

    I ordered this for a couple a reasons…
    1. To massage and exfoliate my scalp
    2. To alleviate my husbands flaky dry scalp
    3. To massage and remove old skin cells on my French Bulldog
    This really is a miracle scalp brush…it worked on all 3!
    I am now ordering 2 more!
    I am on prescription medications that unfortunately thin my hair I feel like this brush actually opens up the hair follicle which allows new hair growth.
    Love finding a product like this!

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Apply shampoo to your wet scalp, lather up with your fingers. Massage the scalp with the brush in a circular motion for at least a minute. Rinse thoroughly.

Material: Recyclable ABS and silicone. The whole brush can be recycled.