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The Perfect Party Season Blow-Dry



Getting your party hair just right for New Year’s Eve can be tricky, especially when you have fine or pin-straight hair and you’re hoping for a blow-dry or style that lasts until dawn. Institut Leonor Greyl de Paris stylist Stéphan Monnerie reveals his top tips for gorgeous hair on your big night out.

Choosing the right shampoo 

Choosing the right shampoo is crucial. Shampooing au Miel coats and strengthens the hair shaft, adding bounce to short or fine hair, making it easier to work with and helping up-dos look better for longer. If you have long, thick locks and want to wear them down, go for a nourishing formula like the Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou to add softness and shine in a flash.
Top pro tip: wash your hair the night before your event to ensure gorgeous texture and perfect up-do hold. Hair that’s too clean tends to be slippery.

Step-by-step guide to the perfect blow-dry

Need more volume?
 Before your blow-dry: Start by applying a pea-sized amount of Mousse au Lotus volumatrice or spray on the lighter, heat-protective Condition naturelle, applying to hair evenly before drying with your head tipped upside down. Gently massage your scalp to lift your roots and create volume.
 Create movement: Section your hair into four and start by straightening strands using a round brush on slightly damp hair. Create movement by rolling each strand around a roller or pin on the top of your head. Spray the warm sections of hair with the Voluforme spray. Allow each pinned strand to cool. Remove the rollers or pins when each strand is completely cool. Style with your fingers. 
 Apply a sheer veil of hairspray: All you need is a fine mist of Laque souple applied 20 centimetres away to avoid the cardboard effect.

Need smooth, silky locks?
 Before your blow-dry: Spray the Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase through hair before drying with your head tipped forward. Distribute the product evenly with a boar bristle brush.
 Straighten: Apply a pea-sized amount of Eclat naturel before styling each strand with a diffuser and a large round brush, or with your straighteners. Once your hair is looking good, apply a drop of Eclat Naturel, smoothing it down your lengths with the boar bristle brush. 
 Apply a sheer veil of hairspray: All you need is a fine mist of Laque souple applied 20 centimetres away to avoid the cardboard effect.

Three golden rules for flawless hair:

 Go for an up-do (bun, braid, pony). Play around with accessories: headbands, clips, pins. This is a great hassle-free solution that lets you hit the dancefloor all night long, safe in the knowledge your style won’t budge. 
 Never blow dry soaking wet hair: it’s better to pre-dry beforehand.
 Don’t use conditioner before a blow-dry to avoid weighing hair down.

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