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Holiday Hair Must-Haves For You and Everyone on Your List

Making your lists and checking them twice—and then wondering when you’ll have time for some hair love this season? We’ve got you covered on both.

We asked three Leonor Greyl Salon Partners about holiday gifts and hair care (December happens to fall in the driest time of the year for hair and scalp). And if you’re the one-for-them-one-for-me gift-giving type (if you’re not, please try it), you’ll end up with some treats for yourself that will not only beautify your winter hair, but will feel like you’ve given yourself an afternoon at the spa.

Holiday shopping list and self-spoiling, accomplished!

1) What is your favorite Leonor Greyl gift for the holidays, and why?

Tony Salle, Artistic Director, Céron Highland Park, Dallas

“Definitely the Huile de Magnolia. The biggest reason is the smell—it is extremely sexy. But it does almost everything. You can massage it into dry skin for skin shine and moisture, or into your nails and cuticles if you don’t have time for a manicure. It works as a makeup remover for eyeshadow and eyeliner. It’s also great for post-sun treatments if you are on holiday somewhere warm. It can soothe a sunburn or prolong a tan. I’ve used it when I didn’t have cologne with me and got a last-minute dinner invitation. I smelled good all night. Also, winter really dries skin out. We recently went from 87 degrees in Dallas one week to 36 the next. I’ve been putting drops of the oil on my hands as soon as they feel dry.

If you have to travel somewhere and you can only grab one product, this is the one. And as a gift, this is perfect—you don’t know what message you might send if you gift shampoo or conditioner, but this just says luxurious self-care.”

leonor greyl oils with a box and greenery

2) What are your favorite Leonor Greyl products for holiday hairstyles?

Anthony Cristiano, Owner, Anthony Cristiano Salon, Chicago

shampooing creme moelle de bambou on a holiday tray

“For holiday hairstyles, I start with a really good cleanse and hydration so the hair is very supple. This is followed by a combination of Leonor Greyl products to build in that volume for a beautiful hold in any look, whether putting it up, doing a French blowout, or taking a curling iron to it. Any holiday hair needs to start with a really good foundation. Be sure not to overuse the products, though. They respond very well and you need a light touch for a great finish.

For me prepping starts with hydrating the hair with a great shampoo like Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou. Depending on the hair’s texture, I’ll then go to a conditioner like the Masque à l’Orchidée. Once washed and conditioned, I work on creating incredible sheen using a light mist of the Lait Luminescence, which is also a great heat-protecting product.

After that I amp up the volume. I like a combination of the Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice for the mid-strand to ends, and then at the scalp I spray in the Voluforme. The combination gives me the support I need to finish the hair, and I love to add in the Éclat Naturel to rehydrate, defrizz, and take away any fly-aways. At the end, I go in with the Laque Souple to give a nice hold and finish. Leonor Greyl products are so versatile in every way—they give you the tools to create any shape you need.”

3) What is your favorite post-holiday Leonor Greyl hair treatment?

Josh Sutton, Owner, Crown Hair Salon, San Francisco Bay Area

“I love using the Régénerescence Naturelle for both male and female clients. We transition from summer to winter and back to summer almost instantaneously here in California, and hair and skin go crazy, frizzing and sloughing off. The Régénerescence Naturelle is a clarifying treatment, and when used correctly and massaged into the scalp, transforms the scalp’s condition right away. It’s more of a treatment in itself than just a product.

It contains a mix of essential oils, which stimulate the scalp and get blood flow going, and are also really good at cleansing and breaking up a dry or flaky scalp. After you use it, it feels like your scalp can breathe. It’s like giving a facial to your scalp, and the smell is so good. I have male clients who might not have been comfortable getting their scalp massaged before, but after a treatment with Régénerescence Naturelle they are back requesting it again and again.

Every guest has their own special hair needs but for most the Régénerescence Naturelle cleansed with the Crème aux Fleurs treatment will be all they need. I always customize my treatments to the client, but the Régénerescence Naturelle is the one product that brings most guests scalp back to a good place.”

creme aux fleurs with glitter

These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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