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Flower Power: Botanicals to Awaken Your Hair

Flower Power:
A Spring Bouquet of Botanicals to Awaken Your Hair

Spring is so many things. Longer days, warmer weather, and, perhaps best of all, flowers. Their colorful unfurling and intoxicating scents are sure signs of better times ahead.

But floral beauty is more than skin deep. Flower extracts have superpowers that pamper and rejuvenate your hair—and are the starring ingredients in many Leonor Greyl products.

Why not assemble a spring bouquet of florals to welcome your hair to the new season? These extracts will hydrate, soothe, and protect your tresses as you get ready to soak in the sun and enjoy the world outside your walls again.

French Rose Extract

pink french roses

Even the thought of roses conjures a feeling of luxury. And this is no illusion. French rose extract soothes hair, softens, increases shine, and is rich in vitamin C. It is also a key ingredient in Leonor Greyl’s bestselling Shampooing au Miel, a gentle volumizing shampoo. Formulated with an aromatic botanical blend of lavender honey and French rose extracts, it’s a gentle formula perfect for everyday use—just in time for your spring forays.

Wild Pansy Extract

purple pansies

We tend not to think about our scalps until they force us to notice, usually with dry, itchy, flaking skin (thank you, dry indoor winter air). Our Bain Traitant à La Propolis, a top-selling spring product, removes dandruff and soothes irritations, detoxifying and purifying the scalp. The soothing effect comes from wild pansy extract, an antioxidant that adds vitamins B, C and E.

Acacia Extract

acacia flowers

Acacia gets a bad rap for its tickly pollen, but the extract is a workhorse rich in amino acids that protects and hydrates. Similar to collagen, it leaves a protective film on hair to reduce moisture loss. Leonor Greyl’s luxe Masque Fleurs de Jasmin features acacia extract in a formulation that richly conditions fine locks without weighing them down.

All four of our leave-in treatments also draw on acacia extract’s protective powers. Is your hair thinning or lifeless after a long winter? Complexe Energisant and Tonique Vivifiant help strengthen thinning hair, and can be alternated for maximum results. If oiliness is your mane’s Achilles heel, Tonique Végétal adds body to your roots and improves a scalp suffering from excess sebum. Acacia extract’s amino acids hydrate and strengthen tresses in our moisturizing Tonique Hydratant.

White Lily Extract

white lily

What’s not to love in an extract that protects, invigorates, and hydrates? White lily extract brings the moisturizing to our Douceur Végétale hair and body wash, an all-in-one cleanser perfect after sports or sunbathing, or for tucking into your luggage on spring getaways.

Mimosa Extract

yellow mimosa flowers

Mimosa extract imparts its healing properties to Complexe Energisant and Tonique Vivifiant, as well as invigorating, soothing, and protecting the scalp. In its oil extract form, it soothes and calms itchy and sensitive scalps in our award-winning Huile Apaisante.

What will you put in your spring bouquet? For help deciphering your hair’s unique needs, use our Hair Care Concierge service to find the right products for you and your spring lifestyle.

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