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Effortlessly Chic Holiday Hairstyles

‘Tis the season for celebrations, and whether you are headed to a sophisticated office soiree or a New Year’s Eve blow out, you want an elegant – and easy – holiday hairstyle. After all, the last thing you need during the holiday frenzy is to stress about your tresses.

Professional stylist and Leonor Greyl haircare educator Kat Savano recently revealed her four favorite winter party styles, which she describes as “effortless chic.”

“Hair should look tousled and carefree, not over-styled,” Kat says.

The best thing about her style guide? Just like the perfect pairing of champagne and caviar, Kat’s gorgeous hairstyles will compliment any shimmery, velvety, or classic Christmas, Hanukkah, or NYE outfit you dream up.

Read on for her hair inspirations and how-to’s…

But first, a dirty little secret about updos

Many people believe hair must be dirty for creating a special occasion updo. Not Kat, who has been designing supermodel-worthy styles since she was 15.

To prep for a straight hairstyle, Kat recommends washing locks with Leonor Greyl’s Shampooing Au Miel for maximum volume and following with shine-boosting Masque Fleurs de Jasmin. After gently towel drying, apply styling products: Condition Naturelle spray for volume and thermal protection and then a cocktail of Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice and a pearl-size drop of smoothing Serum de Soie Sublimateur.

Now you are ready to blow dry: Tip your head upside down to create volume at the roots. Once the hair is about 75% dry, use a round brush to dry and smooth sections. Spray Voluforme on each section as you work up the head.

To prep for a wavy hairstyle, wash with our hydrating Crème Moelle de Bambou and condition with Crème de Soin à l’Amarante for radiance and strength. Then on damp hair, mist Lait Luminescence Biphase, our popular leave-in “milk” for detangling and heat-protection.

Blow dry using your fingers to keep it loose. Once dry, apply a pearl-size drop of Eclat Naturel and use a wand or iron to create carefree beachy waves.

Now for the fun part…

Style #1 – Classic Chic French Twist

french twist hairstyle

Why You’ll Love It: This quick twist looks like you spent hours in our Parisian salon!

Kat’s How-To:

  • Drop out some hair around the hairline for softness. Smooth the hair with a natural bristle paddle brush from one side to the opposite side.
  • Crisscross bobby pins from the nape area up the middle of the head to the crown.
  • Wrap the other side over the pins and secure.
  • Finish with a mist of Laque Souple for hold.

Style #2 – Cool-Girl Smooth Mohawk

cool-girl smooth mohawk hairstyle

Why You’ll Love It: The fauxhawk is edgy sophistication and polished punk that you can rock without breaking out the hair clippers.

Kat’s How-To:

  • Section out a mohawk on the top and secure out of the way.
  • Take a vertical 1-inch section from the temple area down to the ear on each side and smooth back to the crown with a natural bristle brush.
  • Lightly spray with Laque Souple as you brush.
  • Secure with pins at the crown.
  • Lightly back brush the mohawk section at the roots for lift.
  • Smooth back with a natural bristle brush over the pinned hair at the crown.
  • Mist with Laque Souple for hold.

Style #3 – Wavy Half-Up, Half-Down

Why You’ll Love It: It’s the best of both worlds! Sweep hair out of your face and still let your gorgeous waves flow. (It also works for shorter cuts.)

Kat’s How-To:

  • Loosely gather hair from the top section of the head and secure with a statement barrette or clip. Indulge in the hair accessory renaissance and go for big barrettes in metals, pearls, crystals, jewels, leather, etc.
  • Mist with Laque Souple for hold.

Style #4 – Party Perfect Ponytail

party perfect ponytail

Why You’ll Love It: Low ponytails are always in vogue and take just minutes to smooth into place.

Kat’s How-To:

  • Drop out random wisps around the face for softness.
  • Pull hair into a low ponytail and secure at the nape of the neck.
  • Pull some hair from the top of the ponytail to loosen the hair at the crown.
  • Wrap with a ribbon, velvet, or leather.

Then prepare to shine at your next Holiday celebration, work festivity, or NYE ball. The less time you need to spend on your hair, the more time you get to settle into the holiday magic, clink glasses, and dance your way into the New Year!

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