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and the Bees…

Did you know the honeybee population has been declining since 2006?

Honeybees help pollinate crops that put food on our tables and they produce honey that is found is some of the most desired products. Leonor Greyl respects the earth and all that it offers. We carefully choose all-natural plant extracts and botanicals, based on the benefits they deliver to those who use our products. Many of these ingredients are from sustainable sources worldwide.  Our products include many highly desirable and effective natural ingredients such as Wheat Germ Oil, Magnolia and Honey, just to name a few.  Honey is gentle, soothing and has antiseptic properties, making it ideal for everyday use on your hair.  Our Shampooing Au Miel and Bain Traitant a la Propolis are formulated with real acacia honey. These products are uniquely identified by their golden honey color and their sweet, beautiful scent.  Because of our heritage and love of the earth and what it gives us, we have proudly partnered with Beeopic, an environmental organization that believes in protecting and preserving the bee population.  As a result of this partnership, we are “fostering” a Beeopic hive and have created a limited quantity of 1000 Flowers Honey, made from the Leonor Greyl sponsored hive! Together, we are supporting an important cause. It’s all the buzz…!  
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