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How to Care
for Curly Hair

leonor greyl curly hair treatment collection

Curly hair is more fragile and brittle, and sometimes difficult to style and requires special care to maintain all of its shine and softness.

Below are four simple steps to care for and enhance your curly hair:

Oil baths 

Curly hair is naturally drier as it is difficult for your scalps natural oils to spread out along the length of the curls.  Curly hair needs to be nourished in order to maintain its elasticity, especially if it is regularly subjected to heat from hairdryers or straighteners. Applied 20 minutes prior to shampooing or the night before for long-lasting action, L’Huile de Leonor Greyl provides deep nourishment and replenishes the lipids lost from hair fibers. Its film-forming properties protect and smooth the hair, giving it more shine and making it easier to style. Applied once or twice per week, this is an essential step in ensuring soft silky curls and preventing breakage. 

A healthy scalp

Even if it is particularly dry, curly hair should be washed two to three times per week so that the scalp properly regenerates the hair and ensures hair growth. Dust, pollution and sebum form a deposit that may suffocate the scalp if not removed regularly, particularly if you live in the city, and may cause itching or hair loss. Do not skip the shampoo and make sure to opt for a cleansing treatment that is specially formulated for curly hair, such as Crème aux Fleurs or Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou, in order to gently care for your mane. 

Tip: shampoo is only for your scalp, it is not necessary to apply it on the lengths and ends of your hair. The shampoo will naturally spread out and clean all of your hair during rinsing. 

A leave-in treatment 

Ideal for giving curls definition, creating immediate shine, keeping your hair hydrated and protecting it from environmental damage, day cream is an essential part of the beauty ritual for curly hair. Choose one with natural-based oils instead of silicone so as not to suffocate your scalp and apply it to damp or dry hair whenever desired. Heat-protective and nourishing, Éclat naturel cream provides a real hair-sculpting tool to shape pretty curls and tame frizz throughout the day!

Tip: to dampen and add more spring to your curls in the morning, opt for the Tonique Hydratant, a mist rich in trace elements and vitamins essential for hair vitality. 

Carefully chosen accessories

As brushes tend to break curls and make curly hair look puffed-up, it is recommended to use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair before and after each shampoo application. Start with the ends and move up gradually, without skipping the roots in order to properly oxygenate the scalp. 
Hair dryer enthusiasts can use a diffuser rather than a concentrator, which promotes frizz and does not add as much body to the hair. 

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  1. Straight hair

    Does these works on straight hair too.

    1. Hello, many of our products are compatible with different hair types. Please contact us directly via our Hair Care Concierge, https://www.leonorgreyl-usa.com/hair-care-concierge/, or via phone at 707-763-1234 and we can help you create the perfect regime for your hair type.

  2. A healthy scalp is always my main priority and I think A healthy scalp means healthier hair !

  3. I recently received my Huile de Leonor Greyl and worked it into my long curly hair and scalp for an overnight treatment. Next morning I washed, untangled and let air dry as usual. My hair seemed thicker, fuller, more defined curls and super shiny! Very glossy, not greasy. It seemed to stay that way for a few days even though I shampoo daily. I shouldn’t but my scalp requires it. I’m due for another treatment because the frizzies are creeping back in. Great product!

    1. Leonor Greyl Hair Care Expert

      Rose, We are so glad you love the Huile de Leonor Greyl Oil! If you are looking to balance an oily scalp and dry ends you may want to try our Bain TS, it is designed to help balance your scalp and ends needs.

  4. I’ve never tried an oil bath for my hair before! Seems interesting, I might need to try it now…

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