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Leonor Greyl’s high quality, specially designed comb with optimal teeth spacing gently detangles hair without snagging or damage, now packaged in a beautiful gift box. For all hair types and lengths.

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10 reviews for Detangling Comb

  1. Barbara Dufrene Trapp

    This comb is amazing. Bought one for myself and one for my oldest granddaughter. Its like some of the reviews state, I don’t’ know why but I love the way if feels in my hand and on my scalp, both wet and dry. It never pulls! A true 5 start product!

  2. Kim Weiss

    This comb is AWESOME! It gets out tangles on wet and dry hair without tugging on my scalp. I don’t know why this is the best comb EVER–but it works. I carry it everywhere with me. I purchased two–one for home and one for on the go. My brush is jealous!

  3. Daiva

    LOVE this beautiful “magic” comb! It comes elegantly wrapped in a black-and-white gift box. I use it on both wet and dry hair to safely and gently detangle my long curly layered locks as well as to comb through products. Very stimulating and feels great while promoting scalp health as a morning and/or bedtime ritual. 5 stars!

  4. LC Delcid

    As a curly girl this is THE BEST Detangling Comb out there. I use use mine in the shower when there’s conditioner in my hair. Clear Leonor Greyl Detangling Comb is the chic-est item I own in my shower.

  5. tetyananelson

    I received this comb years ago as a gift with a purchase.
    It’s simple. But! I only use this comb to brush my hair. I don’t even no why , just love it.

  6. Katherine

    Very giftable. Arrives in a nice gift box. Comb itself is stylish, clear plastic with an acrylic like appeal.

    It is nice to have in the shower to comb conditioner creams and hair masks through your wet hair.

    Doesn’t strike me as durable, and the lettering is already fading after a month (actually prefer no letters and would pay to just have a clear comb, with engraving instead, if they must include the LG brand), but it does the job while looking good. You are paying for the gift box and the presentation.

    You could get a plastic wide tooth comb for much less, but I am a sucker for ambiance, and like my bathroom grooming/pampering time to be ‘luxurious’. This delivers.

  7. Teresa

    I never thought I’d love a comb this much! It’s a small thing to think about but it’s a really great weight and the size of the gaps is just perfect. If you’re thinking about getting one, I’d say go for it!

  8. Lauren

    Best comb!! My previous cheapy comb snapped in half as I was running it through my hair lol, so frantically I did a little research and purchased this one 🙂 very sturdy yet gentle, I looove it!

  9. Kat

    It is a must product for proper conditioner and masks application. Who knew that a comb can be so different. Is it a secret design? My least favorite thing to do was to comb hair in the shower after conditioner was applied. Problem solved with this detangling comb. My hair is now really able to get all benefits of other wonderful Leonor Greyl products. Thank you!

  10. Bobbi

    You would never think that a comb could make such a huge difference! It is so kind and gentle to my hair. I love this LG comb. I’ve thrown away all my other combs. It is the only one I will let touch my hair. Being very careful not to stress out your hair each and every day is very important in great hair care.

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