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Stress-Free Hairstyles for Thanksgiving

The magic of the Thanksgiving feast is the alchemy of food, people, and setting unique to each celebration. But before the doorbell rings there is always a lot to get done and, whether you’re hostess or guest, what to do with your hair might not be high on your list. We asked Leonor Greyl Brand Ambassador, hair stylist, and accessories designer Trace Henningsen for her thoughts on easy hairstyles for the holiday, and the results are gorgeous.

Fishtail braid for a put-together look that stays out of your face

Fishtail braid with Leonor Greyl Trace Henningsen green Bardot Bow

“I love that the fishtail braid is not your traditional braid and it gives hair texture,” Trace says. “It’s actually easier than a traditional braid, because you’re grabbing small portions from two pieces of hair instead of three.”

This style works best on unwashed hair and texture. Starting with dry hair, Trace preps with Serum de Soie Sublimateur, combed through with the LG wide-tooth comb. Pull hair back like you are going to make a low ponytail, and divide into two equal sections. Take a small section of hair from the outer edge of one of the two sections, and cross it over to the other section, adding it to the inside of that section. Repeat the process, alternating sides. Continue braiding the length of your hair, and maintain an even tension on both sides to keep the braid uniform.

At the end, secure the braid with a hair tie or elastic, and clip in the emerald Petite Bardot bow. Lightly loosen the braid to give it a more voluminous and relaxed appearance, and if there are any stray hairs or loose sections, spray with Voluforme to secure.

Classic chignon with a modern twist

chignon hairstyle with Leonor Greyl Holiday Gift Set hair pins

A chignon can look elegant at any age. The key is not having your hair be too soft; you want to create volume and texture on top so the twist stays in.

To prep hair for the chignon, Trace recommends spraying Voluforme from root to end on dry hair. Pull hair back like you are going to create a low ponytail, and start twisting upward. Tuck in the ends, leaving the hair rounded on top. Secure and give the look a certain je ne sais quoi with the pearl-topped pin in the Leonor Greyl Holiday Gift Set. (A perfect gift for friends and family, but who says every gift has to be for others?)

Pull out any hair you’d like to frame the face, or leave it clean and pulled back. Spray with Voluforme to tame any flyaways.

Here’s wishing you a short to-do list this Thanksgiving, and a day filled with food, friends, family, and great hair!

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