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A man’s hair reflects his style and personality—this is serious business!  Ready to get grooming, gentlemen? We’re treating you to two styling tutorials from Leonor Greyl’s Artistic Director Vinz, designed to unleash your inner rebel or showcase your dandy side in a matter of minutes.

The Fifties Slick The perfect way to style an undercut with short sides and more length on top, this fifties look is one of our favorite retro styles. Use a styling gel on wet hair to achieve this look:  *  Wet and rough-dry your hair. *  Use a fine-toothed comb to apply a generous amount of gel to the hair: Squeeze the gel along your comb, and brush through your hair from the roots to the tips, working from front to back. Part your hair on the side for a smooth, retro look. I use alcohol-free Gel à l’Hibiscus, which ensures perfect hold and doesn’t dry out hair or leave a tacky residue. *  Set your hair dryer to the lowest speed and carefully dry hair without a diffuser. *  Finish: For a glossy effect, spray a light layer of Laque souple over the finished style. Its super-fine resins add a shiny finish and Michael assisperfect hold, without messing up your style.

The James Dean Style  Ruggedly handsome, this textured style is a real classic. Start with dry hair and some balm to structure and shape the hair, as well as a cream for a silky finish and super flexible texture: *  Blow dry your hair backwards, lifting it up from the roots for maximum volume.  *  Place a little Baume Bois de Rose and a pea-sized amount of Éclat naturel in the palm of your hand and warm the mixture up by rubbing your hands together for 20 seconds.  *  Apply the product by raking your fingers through the roots of your hair moving from front to back to boost volume, until you get the result you’re looking for. *  Job done! You can redesign your style and change its direction at any moment by simply running your hands through your hair again.




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  1. Getting a hair cut can be really nice. It can change your whole look. I might have to try the James Dean style when I get my hair styled.

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