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Beautiful Ponytails for the Perfect Summer Look

Celebrate the Fourth of July with a blast! Get the look you want and express yourself by making your own fashion statement. Wearing a ponytail is the perfect epitome of beauty. Though a ponytail may be the easiest technique and preferred by many women for fast prepping and a quick fix on a bad hair day, it is a quite versatile hairstyle. You can opt for a sleek appearance, beachy waves, or a low ponytail, and here’s how:

Sleek Ponytail

Work with clean hair, without any product dabbed on yet, smoothing strands with a soft natural bristle brush. Gather them together right under the crown of your hair, then gently brush them back as you calm any static hair and achieve the sleek ponytail look. While still holding your hair up with the other hand, apply a small amount of hair-gel, such as the Alcohol-Free styling gel from Gel a l’hibiscus for a wet look and much-wanted sheen rather than hard and crisp. You may also opt for some Serum de Soie Nourishing and Protective Styling Serum, where silk proteins and oils help detangle, smooth and condition hair.

Spritz on hairspray for a finishing touch. For light to medium-hold that keeps hair soft with improved shine, use Laque Souple. Secure with a hair tie, and be ready to flaunt your sleek, sexy look!

Dress up your ponytail with an accessory to really be on trend, such as our gold or silver hair cuff. From casual, everyday hair to performing your sports routine, going to work or attending a grand occasion, a dressed up ponytail lets you achieve beauty in a quick and easy way.

Beachy Ponytail

To get a Beachy Waves Look, simply blot your hair dry with a towel until dry enough, and use your fingers as a brush. If you are prone to tangles, use a small amount of Eclat Natural styling cream to help nourish and detangle, or Serum de Soie Sublimatuer is your hair is thin or fine. While hair is still damp, put it up on a messy bun until it is fully dry. Take out the bun, and rake fingers through the hair to instantly plump up strands. If you have thin or frizzy hair and need to add volume and luster apply Mousse au Lotus Volumizing Styling Mousse at the roots. Still, without using a brush, pull hair up high into a ponytail, and you’re all set with a beachy ponytail look!

Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is very simple to do, simply gather your hair towards the nape of your neck, finding the center with your hands or with a brush. It’s up to you if you want it loose or tightly packed. For a sleek, low ponytail apply Eclat Natural or Serum de Soie Sublimateur to smooth and nourish. Finish with Laque Souple to help set and add shine.

Viola! Beat the heat, look stylish and trendy, and bask in some summer fun!

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