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How to Win in the Fight against Frizz

With the chilly winter forecast —or the frizzcast, as it’s known in certain circles—our hair can certainly take a beating these next few months.

“The moisture in the air creates excess frizz,” says Caroline Greyl, President of Leonor Greyl.  The first step to fight frizz begins before you step in the shower.  Pre-treat your dry hair with a hydrating and regenerating oil, like our Huile de Leonor Greyl. This product, with refined copra oil and mongongo oil, helps restructure the hair strands, soften, pre-detangle, and nourish the hair.

Shampoos and conditioners formulated with rich oils help create a smooth base for each strand. “Using products with high-quality ingredients, rich oils and without silicone (which mask hair damage) allows your hair strands to stay together.” All of the Leonor Greyl shampoos and conditioners are also free of SLS, silicone, coal tar and parabens, which helps keep your hair in the best shape possible.

Whether you blow dry,  or let your hair dry naturally, it’s important to keep your hands out of your hair throughout the day – which can also lead to frizz. Our Serum de Soie Sublimateur is the ultimate “frizz fighting styling serum.” You can use this on your wet or dry hair, or at any time during the day to help smooth fly aways and add shine. And the scent is gorgeous! For thicker/curly hair, the Eclat Natural styling cream (with shea butter & beeswax) is a perfect alternative.

Remember, protect your hair during this cold, rainy season with products that will nourish, and protect your strands – your hair will love you for it!

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