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The LG experience at Salon A7

When taking care of our bodies, it’s often easy to forget about the importance of taking care of our hair & scalp. You shouldn’t overlook treating your hair & scalp – it is well worth the benefits: healthy, glamorous hair with natural movement & shine. Salon A7, a Leonor Greyl partner who offers our Customized Hair Treatments in their SF salon, tells us what is special and unique about these treatments:

Why did you choose to offer Leonor Greyl treatments to your clients?

We chose to implement Leonor Greyl treatments in our Salon due to the sterling reputation of the company and the dramatic, long lasting results we saw instantly through use of the product line. Our salon can not only support, but is bolstered by the sale of luxury treatments.  Consequently, we felt that a relationship with Leonor Greyl was an outstanding fit.

Why do you feel these treatments are special?

We feel these treatments are unique due to the customization available that allows us to provide our clients with a specialized experience. We believe it is invaluable for an individual to see the amount of care, time and chemistry that goes in to actually analyzing, electing and administering the Hairspa treatments.

What’s the feedback you’ve received from your clients?

Clients have commented that the treatment is indeed lavish, but worth the investment due to the enduring results witnessed after just one application.  The fragrance is universally appealing and the Masque Quintessence has been compared to a keratin treatment at a third of the price. Collectively, they have said they would continue to purchase and enjoy the treatments.

For more information on booking a customized scalp treatment in their SF location, contact them directly at: (415) 603-2877,

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