Thick, Dry Hair Treatment Collection

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This collection of six high performance Leonor Greyl products for treatment for thick, dry hair is designed to nourish, hydrate and strengthen hair.

Leonor Greyl formulas are rich in vitamins, botanical extracts and plant proteins. These ingredients work together to regenerate the hair, restore instant shine, flexibility and manageability.

Leonor Greyl’s step-by-step Thick, Dry Hair treatment:

Step 1: Pre-Treatment

Huile de Leonor Greyl
Detangling, softening, protective and beautifying treatment based on natural oils for length and ends.

Regenerescence Naturelle
A scalp treatment formulated with essential and botanical oils that will stimulate and purify the scalp while encouraging hair growth.

Step 2: Cleanse

Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou
Cleanses, regenerates and conditions dry or long hair, saving you considerable time while restoring shine and manageability.

Step 3: Condition

Masque Orchidee
Softening, moisturizing and conditioning mask.

Step 4: Maintain

Lait Luminescence
A leave-in, de-tangling styling product with exceptional smoothing properties.

Eclat Naturel
Daytime nourishing and styling cream for dry hair.

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