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Pioneer, Visionary, Mother, Grandmother.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it give us a chance to really appreciate and value the importance of the mothers in our life. Here at Leonor Greyl, we can never forget our founder, our visionary, our mother. Leonor Greyl is at the heart of our company, a woman who’s brilliance and passion truly revolutionized the beauty industry.

It all started with an encounter between two individuals with passionate interests: she was Leonor, devoted to beauty and healthy hair; he was Jean-Marie, engineer and amateur botanist. Together, they were united in a common ambition: to create hair care products based on natural ingredients. Long before the organic movement swept through the industry, their pioneering aspirations and instinct required no market research or complicated brand concept.

As for the rest of the story, it is still being told, but there can be little doubt as to what happened next: a series of successes, with the products they created together enjoying huge and enduring popularity. To this day, passion, integrity, and a love of nature remain the abiding values that inform this beautiful brand. And to this day, each new product is the tangible expression of a desire, a discovery, a memory, and intuition.

Thank you Leonor Greyl, for inspiring women everywhere.

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