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We are Harsh on our Hair.

We can really give our hair a workout by using harsh products and heat-styling tools or by getting repeated chemical treatments. All of this contributes to not only to the overall effect on our hair, but on its color as well. Whether natural or colored-treated, hair will appear dull and dehydrated over time, losing its vibrance and vitality from over-washing, over-styling or as color pigment fades.

This “workout” affects the hydrolipidic film or protective barrier, found naturally in hair. This barrier keeps tresses from becoming dry and dull. Hair lacks vibrancy and becomes difficult to style. Treatment after treatment causes hair to become stressed, with noticeable damaged and breakage.

Color meets Treatment.

Leonor Greyl has identified these problems and launches a simple, yet sophisticated solution with Soin Repigmentant color-enhancing conditioners. Derived from nature, these conditioners are formulated with 96% natural ingredients to enhance as well as prolong the life and vitality of hair color, whether natural, or not so natural.

A Collaboration of Friendship.

The dream team of President Caroline Greyl, Director of Production and R&D David Thomas Brooks and top Parisian colorist and friend Stephane Pous worked together, for several years, to take this concept from dream to reality. “We wanted to create a highly natural, effective product, formulated with active ingredients that deliver intense treatment benefits to hair. Once perfected, Soin Repigmentant was born” stated Greyl.

The Leonor Greyl Difference. Natural and Nourishing.

Ingredients in the Soin Repigmentant 96% natural formula were chosen for their gentle and specific benefits for hair and hair color. The ingredients work together to deliver a treatment mask effect, conditioning and nourishing the hair that so desperately needs it.

What it has…and is.

  • 96% Natural Ingredients
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil to improve color hold as it helps strengthen and smooth hair.
  • Almond and Rice Proteins to help repair and protect the follicle.
  • Babassu Butter to nourish and soften dehydrated and/or chemically-treated hair.
  • Cruelty-Free/Vegan

What it doesn’t have.

Soin Repigmentant does not contain anything that will harm hair or hair color.

  • No Sulfates
  • No Parabens
  • No Silicones
  • Preservative-Free

One Formula. 5 Shades.

The formula and shades were tested on wigs and extensions, never on animals, then on customers at the Leonor Greyl Institute. Soin Repigmentant is for natural or color-treated hair from the lightest shade to the darkest. The shade range will brighten color and prevent oxidation as it nourishes hair, restoring softness and radiance.

This daily treatment conditioner is easy-to-use. After shampooing apply to towel-dried hair, from scalp to ends. Leave on no longer than 5 minutes. Dampen and comb through, then rinse thoroughly.

PRO-TIP: Mix different Soin Repigmentant shades to created more personalized, nuanced shades.

This cocktail of 96% natural plant extracts and powerful oils will not stain or cover grey. Life of your color will be prolonged and enhanced and hair more vibrant with healthy-looking luminosity.

For shades, pricing and additional information, visit Color-Enhancing Conditioners.

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  1. My sister and I want to dye our hair, so I wanted tips and advice on shampoos and conditioners we should get to keep the color in longer. I didn’t know Meadowfoam seed oil can help your hair hold the color better because it helps strengthen your hair. I’ll have to keep that in mind and go to a salon to get recommendations for my dry hair, thanks to this post!

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