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Leonor Greyl Saves Very Dry Hair

Beauty blogger Mademoiselle Le K recently embarked on a hair adventure to cure her dry hair. What did she use? LG of course!!

Here is her journey to softer, fuller, more beautiful locks. 

For a month and a half, I’ve seriously followed my routine with four excellent natural hair care products of Leonor Greyl. These products are sodium laureth sulfate free, paraben free, silicone free, eco-friendly and not tested on animals. Without becoming completely organic, the more I try hair or skin products, the more I am interested in their composition and trying to decipher ingredient lists on the back of packaging. I’ve still had a long way: how to identify, know and understand the interactions between different components without taking an advanced course in chemistry? Anyway, I’ve known and used for years Huile de Palme (the Palm Oil) and I recently wanted to discover others products of Leonor Greyl.       

Let’s Start with Shampoing Crème Moelle de Bambou(Cream Shampoo Bamboo Marrow) for long and dry hair… and very dry, plus frizzy or relaxed hair. I finally found a shampoo I enjoy to apply (texture, foam and smell) which untangles my hair making them soft. Remember: whatever your hair type, always choice a shampoo with sodium laureth sulfate free (harmful) and silicone-free, especially if you have a sensitive scalp and lengths that break. A nourishing mask is required after the last rinse of shampoo, with cold water! TheMasque à l’Orchidée (the Orchid Mask), softener for frizzy hair, is a pure wonder. I love its perfume! Its whipped creamy texture deeply nourishes, hydrates and softens my hair. Before applying the mask strand by strand, I wrung my hair. Once the mask is applied, I keep it one hour wrapped in a cling film and a hot towel (not really sexy, I know, lol). Then I rinse. My hair is relaxed and so soft that I barely comb (first tips, then roots) to tie in a bun. Naturally they dry and smooth. I never use iron or blow dry at home.

Every morning, I apply a blend of Huile de Palme (the Palm Oil) and Lait Luminescence Bi-phase (the Milk Luminescence Bi-Phase), my favorite product! This milk detangles, protects and scents my hair a discreet veil of coconut. Why mixing it with the Palm Oil? Because dry frizzy or relaxed hair needs lots of hydration (the milk or water-based formulation) and being fed (the oil). As not to burden or grease my hair, I put little. This cocktail makes ​​my hair much less brittle!  Maybe I’ve missed a bit a creamy texture in addition, to treat specifically my very dry hair type. Unfortunately when you have lots of hair, Lait Luminescence Bi-phase and Masque à l’Orchidée  (respectively 150 ml and 200 ml) end quickly! Ditto for the great Huile de Palme (95 ml) that I apply the day before shampooing once a week. Thanks to Leonor Greyl for having been one of the French first brands to offer natural products tailored to the ethnic hair.



  1. Leonor Greyl emphasizes in a blog post how their product revives and restores extremely dry hair. The formulation of the brand and its effectiveness in hydrating and bettering the state of dry hair are discussed in the article. It’s a helpful reference for those in search of answers about how to care for their dry hair.

  2. Lolita Kaloustian-Young

    Hi Thank you – hope this routine is suitable for my dry, fine medium length slightly wavy SILVER hair. I did not see that you include an after-shampoo conditioner or leave -in conditioner. Did I miss that products? Thank you

    1. Hello Lolita, The article does reference our masque orchidee which can be used as a masque on dry hair OR as a conditioner on wet. The jasmine mask may be a better option for your fine hair. Look for an email today from me with more information.

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