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Kate Beckinsale’s Retro Side Bun

Looking to add a touch of Old Hollywood glamour to your hair routine? Opt for Kate Beckinsale’s retro updo. The structured finger waves and shiny low bun let your inner silver screen siren come to life. Beckinsale’s hairstylist Mara Roszak added Leonor Greyl’s Volumizing Mousse to damp strands and blow-dried the top layers using a round brush. “Allow the hair to twist naturally, then pin curl the sections to set them,” Roszak advised. Kate-Beckinsale-Leonor Greyl-Volumizing-MousseShe let the style cool, and after a mist of hair spray and a quick pass of a boar bristle brush, Roszak gathered Beckinsale’s strands to one side, securing them with an elastic. “Wrap the hair into a bun shape, and insert bobby pins in a crossed pattern as you construct the bun,” she said. “To add extra glamour, let a soft section of hair opposite to the bun fall out and frame the face.” Perfect!

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