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Judy Greer: Get the look

Judy Greer, actress and author of her new memoir, “I Don’t Know What You Know Me From,” looked amazing in Good Housekeeping Magazine. We spoke with celebrity hairstylist, Rebecca Plymate, and she gave us the breakdown on how to achieve this starlets gorgeous look. 

“Since we did this shoot in Judy’s hometown of Detroit, in the middle of summer, I felt secure that using Leonor Greyl products would provide Protection for Judy’s hair from styling tools and the summer heat, as well as provide me with long lasting hold and humidity resistance.

I began to create Judy’s casual tousled look by using Leonor Greyl’s Huile Secret de Beaute Oil. This is my absolute favorite oil I have ever used and I begin almost all my styling looks with a spritz of this miracle oil into both dry or wet hair. It instantly helps provide moisture, shine and protection to the hair all with the most lovely subtle fragrance.

Next, I Added a few spritzes of Lait Luminescence to Judy’s hair before I began to blow-dry. This helps to detangle ( since her hair was wet) the hair easily without any struggle or breakage and provides additional protection against styling tools.

I layered this with a palm size amount of Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice , to ensure volume and hold as I began my blow-dry with a round brush. I wanted to create a great base for the blow-dry with this 3 product combo, so that most importantly, Judy’s hair would be well protected and I had a strong foundation for the hair to create loose curls to hold up the entire day while outside and on location in Detroit.

After the blow-dry was complete, I added a few spritzes of Spray Structure Naturelle. This is one of my favorite products to use before curling, as it provides an excellent amount of hold to the curl without making it look to stiff or product heavy.

Once I finished curling her hair, I added a dime size amount of Eclat Naturel to my hands, emulsified between the palms, and distributed throughout Judy’s hair from midshaft to ends with my fingers to give it a tiny bit of separation for that casual, no fuss look. I ended the entire process with a quick spray of Voluforme, to lock in the style against the summer heat and humidity. Just like magic, Judy Greer’s hair was flawless and beautiful for the entire day.”

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