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How to Get Sutton Foster’s Ladylike Fauxhawk

For the premiere event for Sutton Foster’s new show, Younger, hairstylist Christopher Naselli created an edgy fauxhawk hairstyle. Get the breakdown on how to create this gorgeous look:

“Sutton sat down and said ‘What about a mohawk?’ I knew instantly she wanted some major edge,” he says. The goal: To find a hairstyle that was strong yet demure.

How he did it: “I started with her hair damp and generously applied three pumps of Leonor Greyl Serum de Soie Sublimateur and two large golf-ball sized dollops of Mousse au Lotus Volumatricefrom the roots to the tips, using a wide-tooth comb to distribute the mixture evenly. Then I roughdried her hair until it was 90 percent dry creating massive hold and texture.

“Next, I pulled back her hair and separated it into two ponytails, one at the crown of the head and one at the middle.

“To create that raked-up effect, I used a wide-tooth comb to pull her hair into the ponytails.

“Then, I separated each ponytail into two sections and saturated each section with a quarter-size amount of Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice. I proceeded to twist the hair until it coiled up by itself, using hairpins to pin the coil down to the head as I went. The coils fell into each other to create a uniform look from the crown to the nape of the neck.

“Once everything was in place, I set the look with a little bit of Leonor Greyl Laque Souple.” Viola a beautiful and edgy mohawk!

– Written by Beth Shapouri in Glamour Magazine, photo by Getty Images

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