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Hot Trend for Fall: The Fishtail Wrap

Seen all over the runways at Fall Fashion Week, braids are an easy way to accent almost any face shape, and they’re super easy to pull off. They can be sleek and polished, or given more of a bohemian vibe.

Shannon Russell Skilling, a stylist at Structure Salon, tells us how to get this gorgeous “Fishtail Wrap” at home in a few easy steps.

(Tip: Start with hair that is not freshly washed – it’s easier to style when it’s not super clean)

Get the look:

Step 1: Add Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice to the dry hair (focusing at the roots, using fingers to rake it through) and backcomb hair at the roots for texture and volume. Hit with heat for a few minutes to set.

Step 2: Section hair into 4 parts (loosely) Fishtail each section and secure with a mini elastic band. Lightly pull apart each braid.  Spray each braid with Laque Souple to set.

Step 3: Working with the two back braids, fold braids over the top of the head with the ends tucked under and secured by pins.  You can place these in the front of the head, or more towards the back (your choice).

(Tip: use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair so they won’t be seen)

Step 4: Next, do the same with the two front braids. Tuck & twist to achieve a layered effect on the hair.  To make this look really fun and youthful, throw a decorated clip, or pin a flower in your hair to accent the braids.


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