Choosing the Right Hairbrush

A true beauty gesture for all hair, brushing avoids knots, removes impurities and instantly boosts brightness by its smoothing effect on the hair fiber.

Comb, round brush, flat brush … What accessories to choose for beautiful silky hair?

* Brushing before-shampoo: shampooing brushed, detangled hair will be much more efficient and much more enjoyable! For this step choose a flat brush boar bristle, which untangles the hair perfectly without breaking them. Tip: Always start detangling at the length and end at the roots. If your hair is dry, apply the oil Leonor Greyl on the lengths and ends to nourish and facilitate disentangling.

* The detangling of wet hair: This is best done while rinsing your mask or just out of the shower, get yourself a wide-tooth comb or brush with soft bristles when your hair is wet or damp. Hygenic, practical and efficient, they are suitable for all hair types. Tip: Wet hair is heavier and therefore more fragile when detangling. Have a light hand and do not force, it will break them!

* The brushing: the round boar bristle brush is the perfect accessory for blow drying. Simply adjust the size of the brush to the desired result: a big brush will smooth long hair or bangs, a small brush will be perfect to create volume on short hair, medium brush creates pretty Hollywood curls … Tip: always protect your hair from the drying effects of heat prior to blow drying. Silicone-free and suitable for all hair types, thermo-protective care Éclat Naturel, Serum de Soie Sublimateur, Condition Naturelle, Lait Luminescence.

* Styling dry hair: To smooth hair, opt for a flat boar bristle brush, to accentuate the glossy effect. Fine or oily hair will swear by a flat brush with soft bristles, which will bring more volume. Curly hair may prefer a more or less large round brush, so as not to break the loop. Curly or frizzy hair will choose the wide-tooth comb to separate the hair perfectly, or a boar bristle brush to smooth frizz. Tip: a natural bristle brush has multiple benefits! It helps keep the hair clean and shiny longer, it stimulates the scalp promoting micro-circulation and distributes sebum along the entire length of the hair, protecting it naturally against external aggression and static electricity. You are now equipped for the perfect brushing in all circumstances! Do not forget to regularly clean your accessories, do not tarnish your hair: remove the hair after each use (using a fine-toothed comb if necessary) and wash your brush once a week with soapy water.

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  1. Atena says:

    we do much efforts to make our hairs beautiful. Some people use costly products but don’t take things seriously, combing plays a major role to provide our hairs attractive look. Ee should do combing and brushing in the right way if we want that our hair not to be damaged. I am very impressed with the given step wise step information. it is very easy to understand.

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