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Born of Love. Sustained by the Earth.

Earth Day, celebrated in April to raise awareness and remind the world of the importance of protecting our planet, was first recognized in the United States in 1970, and is now supported in over 193 countries. This annual awareness and education is helping us all to make better choices, use better products and live in healthier environments.

Here at Leonor Greyl, our long-standing commitment to the Earth is part of our heritage that happened to parallel the start of Earth Day, so many years ago.

In 1968, Leonor, a hair care and beauty fanatic, met engineer and botanist Jean-Marie. The chemistry was instant, in more ways than one. Together, they created a life of love and created natural hair care products using plants and natural ingredients, a true breakthrough of its time.

The first “green-chic”, and now iconic products, were born: the award-winning Huile de Palme (now L’Huile de Leonor Greyl), Shampooing au Miel, Lait Lavant à la Banane and Crème aux Fleur….and all are formulated with sustainable ingredients that respect the Earth.

What are sustainable ingredients? These are ingredients that are grown, processed and distributed in a way that does not harm the environment they occupy. Great care is taken to plant, grow, harvest and regrow these ingredients. This aids in reducing our carbon footprint and respects the earth where our ingredients are sourced and sustained.

Some of our sustainable ingredients:

The traditions will continue as Leonor Greyl remains a dedicated family business. Caroline Greyl, daughter of Leonor and Jean-Marie, is at the helm of the family flagship with her American husband – Tom Brooks, a biologist, chemist and plant lover.

We will always research and use sustainable ingredients and natural preservatives so we can respect the earth while delivering superior haircare to you.

Happy Earth Day!

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