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Leonor Greyl respects the earth and all that it offers. Founded in Paris in 1968, these natural hair care products were created with the love and passion of stylist Leonor Greyl and Jean-Marie, her husband and a Botanist by trade. To this day, we pride ourselves on our strong ethics and integrity, continuing the traditions set forth by this team who debuted organic hair care well before it became a mainstream trend. We continue to create custom-made, eco-friendly products that are formulated with highly desirable and benefit-driven natural ingredients, that we carefully choose from all-natural plant extracts and botanicals, researched and gathered from sustainable sources worldwide. We are humbled that many of our products have received multiple beauty awards and are now available across the globe.

Also known as Coconut Oil, this sweetly-scented ingredient is rich in vitamins and minerals and can be found wherever coconuts grow in abundance, such as the Caribbean, the Philippines and India. It offers a plethora of benefits including keeping hair nourished and conditioned as well as protected from environmental aggressors. This oil adds a barrier of protection to help guard against hair loss and damage. Hair and scalp are kept hydrated and moisturized. Helps rid scalp of flaking and dry skin and hair is easier to comb through. Hair is left soft, shiny and looks and feels healthier.

Found in: L’Huile de Leonor Greyl

Bamboo is a self-generating, natural resource (how wonderful!) that is grown worldwide. Rich in silica, a key mineral nutrient in hair care that stimulates circulation, focusing on the scalp, to encourage hair growth. It also works to rid hair of pollutants, flaky skin and product build-up that can weigh down hair. Split ends are addressed by locking in moisture and this extract is gentle on even the most sensitive scalps.

Found in: Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou

This plant, indigenous to South America, has antioxidant properties. As an ingredient in hair care, its conditioning properties help to keep keep in top health. It also contains the rare amino acid lysine, helping to strengthen hair, prevent breakage and because of the high levels of minerals present.

Found in: Crème de Soin a l’Amarante, Shampooing Reviviscience, Masque Quintessence, Shampooing Sublime Meches

This transformative ingredient is rich in antioxidants as well as antibacterial and antiseptic benefits. It soothes sensitive scalp and helps rid hair of impurities. When impurities build up, they clog follicles causing hair to break and fall out. Honey stimulates the follicle to promote hair growth and seals in moisture to keep hair conditioned. This helps reduce breakage and prevent further damage. It also delivers beautiful shine.

Found in: Bain Traitant a la Propolis, Shampooing au Miel

A favorite in the wellness community, the familiar and comforting scent of lemon both stimulates and calms. Oils, extracted from lemon peels, are rich in Vitamin C. When included in haircare, its anti-fungal properties fight dandruff and help cleanse hair of impurities. Astringent properties address oily scalp, absorbing excess sebum that can leave hair limp and flat. It also soothes the scalp, strengthens hair, addresses dullness and frizziness and adds shine.

Found in: Regenerescence Naturelle, Concentre Energetique

Despite its exotic sounding name, Jojoba grows in the United States. This uber-moisturizing ingredient, deeply conditions hair and scalp. A conditioned scalp improves hair follicle health helping hair look and feel softer and thicker. It also smooths frizz and adds shine. Rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants to protect hair from pollution and other environmental aggressors.

Found in: Huile de Magnolia, Regenerescence Naturelle, Douceur Vegetale, Bain Vitalisant B, Masque Fleurs de Jasmin, Masque Orchidee, Spray Structure Naturelle, Voluforme, Eclat Naturel, Laque Souple, Huile de Germe de Ble

This fragrant herb has been used in recipes and for medicinal purposes for centuries. Part of the mint family, the oil is extracted from the leaves and when used in haircare, it is excellent for scalp health. Loaded with a mix of natural vitamins and minerals, Sage promotes circulation, which, in turn, promotes healthy hair growth. Its clarifying effect combats dandruff, cleanses impurities and can slow down appearance of grey hair. Improves texture and imparts shine.

Found in: Bain TS, Crème aux Fleurs, Concentre Energetique

This seed, high in protein, is native to Central and South America. An excellent source of amino acids; when used in haircare, it aids in the repair, protection and conditioning of hair. It also promotes smoothness, retains moisture, and over time, will diminish signs of damage. Quinoa soothes even the most sensitive scalp, softens hair, addresses split ends, eases detangling, improves shine and improves overall condition of hair with repeated use.

Found in: Crème aux Fleurs, Shampooing Sublime Meches, Regenerescence Naturelle

This oil is extracted from fruit found in Buriti palm trees, native to Brazil. Also known as the “tree of life”, it is considered sacred as it is believed to sustain life. A rich source of antioxidants including Vitamins A, C and E, when used in skin and hair care products, this extract offers levels of non-SPF UVA and UVB protection and a barrier when heat styling. It hydrates and conditions and has excellent detangling benefits. It also helps calm and soothe sensitive skin, scalp and dry hair. Fights frizz, adding superior softness and shine.

Found in: Huile Secret de Beauté

Extracted from nuts of the Mongongo tree, native to South Africa, this luxurious oil has hydrating properties for hair and scalp. Think of this ingredient as the older, more accomplished sister of Coconut Oil. It deeply conditions the scalp, freeing pores of impurities. It also boasts high levels of fatty acids that retain moisture, giving hair more stability. Hair receives intense nourishment and shine, restoring its healthy appearance.

Found in: Huile Secret de Beaute, L’Huile de Leonor Greyl, Masque Quintessence, Lait Luminescence, Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice, Eclat Naturel