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Our Favorite Winter Weather Style

Trust us, we understand how impossible it can be to make your hair look gorgeous in the winter. Not only does the cold dry out your locks, but keeping any style in place in frigid winter winds (forget about the snow!) is a challenge. One of our favorite winter weather styles is the sexy side braid (rocked above by the very hair-forward Isla Fisher). Not only does the side braid stay in place, but it offers a bit of whimsy that will warm up the coldest of rooms. We asked our Creative Consultant, Marki Shkreli (below) how he would achieve Isla’s look.

Follow his simple steps below for an effortless winter style.

  1. Start by shampooing hair with Creme Moelle De Bambou.  Follow with Masque Fleurs de Jasmin conditioner.
  2. Next apply Lait Luminescence, a detangling milk spray, and comb hair using a Mason Pearson detangling brush.
  3. Next apply Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice Mousse and Structure Spray Naturelle to give the hair hold and shape for the style.
  4. Dry hair so that 80% of moisture is gone. Using a medium size round brush give the hair a volumous blow out.
  5. Curl the hair with a 1.25 inch curling iron to give it form.
  6. Comb hair out with brush and follow by combing hair with your fingers.
  7. Decide which side to place the side pony and start by braiding the hair. You can customize this look by either choosing to show or hide the elastic. Use a black elastic for more of a modern everyday look and a clear elastic for more of a formal look.
  8. Finish with spraying Laque Souple hair spray to keep the look lasting through the worst the winter has to offer.



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