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Do not fight frizz | Embrace your natural waves

As winter comes to an end and the humidity of summer slowly creeps up on us, Leonor Greyl has an unexpected hair resolution for you to try—embrace your natural waves.

We know it seems scary, but we have just the product to help you stop fighting with your hair and start enjoying just a hint of gorgeous curl.

This month we are loving on ALGUES ET FLEURS, an energy-boosting styling product composed of extracts of seaweed, flowers, collagen, proteins and trace elements that gives hair a beautiful structure, vitality and gorgeous, well-shaped curls.

Leonor Greyl’s Artistic Advisor Vinz is a huge fan!

Algues et Fleurs is a surprisingly versatile product. I can use it not onDon’tly to reshape the curls, but also to begin a light blow dry,” Vinz told us. “In fact, the best part about this product is that it is so light and dries so quickly. It’s fantastic!”

You can spray it directly onto your brush, which allows you to get the product exactly where you want it OR spray it all over the hair and allow the product to penetrate evenly by scrunching the hair lightly between your hands. You can also apply to dry hair between washes to instantly restore the curls.

Want an added bonus? It smells divine!!

We all need a change for Spring, why not give your curls a chance to shine?

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