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The Best Beauty Product for the Beach

After what seems like the longest winter ever we are finally ready to pack up those sweaters (most of them) and start spending our weekends beachside (as nature intended).

But while our bodies love the beach, our hair has a different opinion. Intense sun, sand and salt punish and damage our locks causing split ends, frizz and color damage.

Thankfully Leonor Greyl has a solution. Add a few drops of our Huile de Palme oil to your hair before stepping out on the beach. It will act as a shield from harmful UV rays and salt water. Plus, it smells amazing! We’re not the only ones who love it. Coastal Living magazine just named it one of it’s best beauty picks for the beach!

Now you just have to worry about picking out a bathing suit! We’re sorry we can’t help you there.



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