What You Need To Know About High Performance Natural Treatments for Damaged Hair

Many women with damaged hair have had the experience of finding huge clumps of hair in the hairbrush each day. Is this actual female pattern baldness or is it a result of poor hair care? Only time and a change in your hair care pattern will tell! While female pattern baldness is fairly rare when compared with male pattern baldness, it still exists, and many women do experience hair loss due to hormone fluctuations caused by menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, as well as for hereditary reasons. Far more women experience temporary hair loss due to stress, poor diet and/or poor hair care practices than due to medical conditions. Happily, these circumstances may be fairly easily remedied with natural treatment and high performance hair care products.

To change your hair care routine and address your damaged hair problem, look for high performance products that contain all-natural, gentle ingredients. Avoid harsh products that contain alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate. These products will dry your hair and cause excessive breakage which may seem to manifest as hair loss. Choose hair care products that moisturize, strengthen and nourish your hair and avoid hair care practices that cause breakage.

What are the hair care practices that cause damaged hair?

If you are having problems with hair breakage and hair loss, you should avoid using heat on your hair. Don’t blow dry, iron, use heated rollers or curling irons. Instead, choose a nourishing, high performance leave-in conditioner and allow your hair to air-dry naturally. At first, you may be disappointed with the appearance of your hair, but as your hair gains strength and health, you will find it looks better and better when allowed to dry with this gentle, natural method.

Seek out the services of a good hairstylist to get a haircut that makes the most of your natural hair condition. A good cut that takes advantage of your hair’s own color, thickness, texture and so on will look good when properly cared for with natural, high performance hair care products.

Avoid hairstyles that are hard on your hair. Don’t pull your hair up or back tightly or secure it with rubber bands or other implements that will break or tear it. Avoid keeping your hair covered by a scarf, hat or wig. Don’t use a lot of hairspray, and don’t brush your hair excessively, especially when it is wet.

If you have been perming, coloring or straightening your hair, you must stop! Allow your hair to grow in naturally and take good care of it as it does. Condition your hair once a week with a natural hot oil treatment of palme oil massaged gently into your scalp. This will help restore the condition of both your scalp and your hair.

To have the best looking hair, take care of your whole body!

Paying close attention to your overall health is a very important and effective natural treatment for damaged hair. While use of high performance, nourishing hair care products will help your hair a great deal, you cannot expect optimum results if you do not guard your overall health. Be sure to get plenty of rest and sleep, reduce stress in your life, stay well hydrated with plenty of pure, filtered water and eat a diet that is as natural as possible. Seek out whole foods such as natural whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, organic, lean protein sources and so on. Take a high quality multi-vitamin every day, and be sure it contains high amounts of biotin and folic acid which support the growth of healthy hair, skin and nails.

Be sure to exercise lightly to moderately every day. Practice good personal hygiene; however, avoid washing your hair every day as this is excessively drying. If you swim, be sure to protect your hair with a bathing cap. Exposure to chlorine and other chemicals in pool water is a major cause of damaged hair.

How long will it take for these steps to work?

You can never go wrong by instituting good health habits and treating your hair right with high quality, high performance hair care products and healthy, natural treatments for damaged hair. With the use of high performance hair care products such as those from Leonor Greyl, you should begin to see some improvement in your damaged hair right away. If you follow the advice presented here for natural steps to improve your overall health and the condition of your hair, you will begin to see even more positive results within a month to six weeks. Keep it up, and the condition of your hair and your body will just keep getting better and better!

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