What causes dandruff and how to treat it

Dandruff has the annoying tendency of making your scalp itchy and then cause white flakes to fall on your shoulders after you have scratched your scalp or combed your hair. If left untreated then you will end up having more problems; conditions such as hair loss, acne and other scalp related problems can be associated with dandruff. Needless to say, these tiny annoying white flakes have been known to prevent the growth of healthy hair and can also be spread by sharing towels, combs and hair brushes.

It has been said that prevention is the best cure and the only way to prevent such a condition is by knowing how it is caused. Some of the known causes of dandruff include; Having a diet that lacks adequate vitamins. Vitamins aid in tissue growth and if you don’t take enough vitamins then your scalp will eventually become soft weaken and finally die. To avoid such a situation you should ensure that you have a sufficient intake of vitamins. Blow drying you hair more than you need to can also result in this condition. This is mainly because constant blow drying will make your scalp dry thus activating a certain types of yeasts that usually causes dandruff when it reacts with dry skin. Washing your hair with the wrong shampoo can also cause dandruff. Some shampoo products contain chemicals that tend to react with your skin. Such chemicals at times affect the natural growth and luster of your hair. This is why people are usually advised to take a close look at the chemical components in the hair product before they purchase it. If you fail to protect your hair well enough during bad weather then you might end up getting dandruff. This is mainly because the reaction of yeast with your skin becomes accelerated. This explains why several people suffer from the condition during winter. If you don’t brush your hair regularly the dead tissues on the skin’s surface will not shed properly resulting in dandruff.

You should not hesitate to seek treatment if you suffer from this condition. Healthy and clean hair is a reflection of true beauty therefore you should never neglect hair care. There are several ways to get rid of dandruff; you can opt to see a doctor about it or you can simply try out the numerous chemical hair products that are specifically manufactured to combat this condition. Most women have now turned to the use of natural hair products such as those from Leonor Greyl to help combat this annoying hair condition because they have a higher performance compared to other products.

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  1. Glamha says:

    This is really informational and since i know that hot water makes my hair frizzy which also cause dandruff, It try to wash my hair with cold water even in winter(sounds crazy) But this worked for me

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