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Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration

Wedding season is upon us! If you are about to say “yes” and looking for inspiration for the big day, here are two ideas for very elegant and glamorous bridal hairstyles (long or medium length hair).

The side braid or “fishtail” braid is extremely trendy this year for a bohemian and romantic style. To achieve this look, first prepare your hair: Prior to styling apply styling mousse, brush through the lengths to give volume and texture to your hair. We recommend our Mousse Lotus Volumatrice and Brosse Demelante et Lissante (Natural Bristle Brush). Separate your lengths in two sections: Flip your hair to the side and separate them into two equal sections from the top your neck.  Braid: Take a small section from the back of one of the two sections, pass it over and through the piece from the opposite section. Next, take a small piece from the opposite section and pass it over and through the first section. Repeat these steps until you have braided the entire length of your hair, making sure to squeeze each section.  To create the undone braid effect, you can loosen the braid by pulling strands from each loop gently outward. To fasten your braid: Use an elastic band fastened the end of your braid, then wrap a small section of hair around the band to hide it, tucking the ends under the elastic.  To ensure your look lasts all day, spray with Laque Souple. For a softer look, leave a few wispy strands free to frame your face and run along the braid.

Another beautiful classic bridal hairstyle, is the bun that will highlight your face with an overall graceful and polished look. Pictured is a chignon crossed bun, with beautifully interwoven strands for a more modern touch:  To Prepare your hair: Smooth and shiny hair is essential to succeed in this hairstyle. To begin apply a smoothing product like Lait Luminescence .  To create the bun: For this look, you will use all of the hair to form the bun. Bring your hair back for a mid-high pony tail and tie with an elastic. Use a bun enhancer close to the color of your hair and slide your ponytail inside. Separate the ponytail into 3 or 4 sections depending on the thickness of your hair, then wrap the length around the bun, securing with bobby pins sewing into the bun.  Do the same with the other strands, from a different angle so that they intersect and give a natural look to your bun. Finish: Spray your bun with Laque Souple to ensure your perfect look lasts well into the night. To make either look even more romantic consider accessorizing with fresh picked flowers in your bun or intertwined in your braid. Or if you prefer to leave your hair to professionals, visit on of our partners for your glamourous look on your big day!

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