Want the Softest Skin and Hair Possible?

No one ever says: “Wow I wish my skin were more dry and flakey!” We all want our skin and hair to be as soft as it was when we were toddlers (weren’t those the days?).

Glamour magazine knows what we are talking about. They just interviewed Leonor Greyl CEO and President Caroline Greyl about this exact thing!

“To keep hair healthy and beautiful, scalp treatments are always great,” Carolyn told the mag. “They are especially ideal when the seasons change, to slough away residue and buildup.” Ask for a treatment at your salon, or do it yourself with Leonor Greyl Regenerescence Naturelle.

“A lot of conditioners already contain oils, but if your hair is very dry, mix in a drop of hair oil with your conditioner,” our CEO added.

One of our favorite oils (and Glamour’s):  Huile Secret de Beauté.

But what about your skin? Same thing. You can get soft and delicate skin by massaging yourself with a few drops of oil right after you get out of the shower. We love the Huile Secret de Beauté as much for skin as we do for hair. Plus, we simply adore how delicious it makes us smell all day long!

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