The Ultimate Treatment for Summer Hair Recovery

You may be already missing the lazy days of summer, but chances are your hair is happy to say good-bye to the harsh rays of the sun. Now is the perfect time to give some extra TLC to your locks, and it all starts with a healthy scalp.

Crème aux Fleurs is a state of the art scalp treatment used as part of our hair spa treatment protocol in some of the most luxurious spas around the world.  It is a multi-beneficial scalp treatment that will return your dry hair to life, enhance color, and soothe a sensitive scalp.

The formula is a beautiful blend of natural soothing plant extracts such as chamomile and sage that will stabilize your color, film-forming proteins that nourish and enhance shine, as well as seaweed extracts that help gently detangle and soften even the most unruly, frizzy hair.  It is 100% sodium laureth sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free.

Directions for use:

Crème aux Fleurs is both scalp treatment and shampoo.  It is applied directly to your dry scalp and hair (do not wet hair first).  For fine hair, apply the cream just at the roots.  On thick, frizzy or damaged hair, apply along the full length of the hair.  Gently massage your scalp to help distribute the cream throughout your hair and then let yourself relax for 10-15 minutes allowing the cream to activate.  While you wait, it’s a good idea to cover your hair with a warm (wet) towel to promote maximum product penetration. Before you rinse, emulsify using small amounts of water. When a gentle lather builds, rinse thoroughly.  Be sure to rinse all the product off the scalp. Tip: For long or very dry hair, we recommend the application of Huile de Leonor Greyl on your length & ends prior to shampooing with Crème aux Fleurs (or any LG shampoo) to help detangle and nourish hair.

Additional uses:

Applied just after having your color done, Crème aux Fleurs repairs hair damaged by chemicals, soothes and calms your scalp and sets the color. Mixing Crème aux Fleurs with Bain Traitant a la Propolis is a wonderful calming treatment for those suffering from psoriasis and/or dandruff.

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