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Quintessential Styling Products For Curly Hair

From Roman goddess Venus de Milo and screen goddesses/legends that epitomized old Hollywood glamour such as the likes of of Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and Rita Hayworth to present-day Hollywood divas like Diana Ross, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce and lets not forget ….the one and only Oprah Winfrey, curly-haired icons have proudly flaunted their gorgeous tousled curls and continue to inspire us to recreate that shock-and-awe look. While during the Roaring Twenties, frizzy curls were the norm, today they are decidedly considered a bad hair day kind of nightmare, but one that fortunately can be addressed properly with the right natural products which prevent that undesired sticky, stiff and crunchy feel.

Our fascination with well-defined, radiant curls is justifiable and normally expected since curls are feminine and romantic and, at the same time, playful and wild. As fashion icon Coco Chanel once stated, “a girl should be two things – classy and fabulous,” and picture-perfect, lustrous curls encapsulate the very essence of that coveted classy-and-fabulous aura. On the catwalk and the red carpet, our favorite models and Hollywood gals are spring-loaded with attention-demanding tousled curls shining with vitality. For all you curls aficionados out there, there is even more good news – well-defined, frizz-free curls with natural movement are officially en vogue this spring, an extra reason for you to perfect this uber romanticized, ultra chic and incredibly sexy coiffure you crave for.

Leonor Greyl Knows Good Curly Hair … And Isn’t Reluctant To Share

With Leonor Greyl’s line of personalized, all-natural treatments and styling products boasting deep-conditioning, shine-inducing and heat-protecting properties, taming your hair and creating red carpet ready and glamorous, no-stiff curls has never been easier to achieve in the comfort of your own home. With these proven and celebrated Leonor Greyl frizz fighting products that smell absolutely divine, you can expect to give your hair a glorious makeover, whether you are naturally curly or using the curling iron, and transforming it from Friends’ Monica’s notoriously poofy, frizzy, all over hair ( our apologies for reminding you that famously bad hair day episode with Monica on vacation) to Sarah Jessica Parker’s or Oprah’s superb, flawless curls. Without further ado, here are your three Leonor Greyl must-haves that will help you to effectively tame your tresses, while protecting, nourishing, hydrating and conditioning your hair from roots to ends, so that you can finesse into perfection those show-stopping, enviable curls you have always dreamt of … c’est ça le glamour! 1. Leonor Greyl Bain Restructurant a la Banane Combining banana, hibiscus and other carefully selected natural extracts, this unique restructuring, hydrating and nourishing curl-enhancing shampoo has been created specifically for curly and permed hair, which are notorious for being fragile and Sahara-like dry, with that annoying “crunch” effect. Bain Restructurant a la Banane significantly improves the strength and flexibility of your hair, while enhancing its natural shine and leaving it velvety soft. As Caroline Greyl, Leonor Greyl’s daughter has recently stated in an interview, it is vitally important to properly detangle your hair before applying shampoo, in order to minimize damage to your locks, since the hair is heavier and more prone to breakage when it’s wet. Detangling your hair is best achieved using a pre-shampoo oil treatment such as the cult classic and award-winning L’Huile de Leonor Greyl. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes for optimum results and then apply Bain Restructant a la Banane to wet hair; lather gently, rinse thoroughly and enjoy perfectly hydrated, soft curls. Continue your curl-enhancing ritual with Algues Et Fleurs. 2. Leonor Greyl Algues Et Fleurs With Leonor Greyl’s multi-purpose Algues Et Fleurs spray, controlling frizz is a breeze. Based on a cocktail of seeweed, quinoa, hydrolized silk, collagen and herbal extracts, this unique, naturally fragrant and celebrated leave-in curl-enhancing and frizz-fighting spray revitalizes curls instantaneously, restoring their gorgeous shape and bounce, while providing frizz control, heat styling protection and deeply conditioning your hair. Algues Et Fleurs provides soft hold and a thermal protective layer which allows your hair to withstand extreme heat, illuminates the hair from the inside out and creates a glossy, no-crunch finish. Apply Algues Et Fleurs to damp hair after shampooing or to dry hair before using the curling iron to optimally protect your locks from thermal styling, perfectly detangle your hair and enhance its natural luster. 3. Leonor Greyl Gel A L’Hibiscus This all-natural, alcohol-free and lightweight styling gel is ideal for shaping, smoothing and illuminating hair and it’s no secret that Gel A L’Hibiscus is celebrity hairstylists’ indispensable ally to create red carpet ready and award-worthy, well-defined and flawlessly texturized curls. Based on hibiscus and walnut extracts, Gel A L’Hibiscus is also free from silicone, parabens, coal tar and SLS and does not weight dry out the hair, weight it down or make it prone to flaking. This gentle styling gel is suitable for all hair types and is absolutely perfect for creating that sleek and ultra sexy, non-sticky wet-look and properly controlling flyaways. Using your fingertips, apply a dab to the roots and and you will see why every celebrity hairstylist out there is raving about this all-natural styling gel … oh la la, envy alert!

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