Short Hair Volume Collection


This dynamic collection pumps up the volume for short hair, even the finest strands. We included a body-boosting honey shampoo, our lightweight yet deeply hydrating mask and conditioner, and our cult-favorite Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice. Used together, this set is an addictive flat-hair fix that creates healthy bounce and shine.


For optimal results in boosting volume for short hair, please use our step-by-step instructions:

Step 1. Cleanse

Shampooing Au Miel: Start with a small amount and apply to wet hair. Emulsify using small amounts of water. When a gentle lather builds, rinse thoroughly.

Step 2. Condition

Masque Fleurs de Jasmin: After shampooing, squeeze out excess water and apply to length and ends. Leave on 2-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. While rinsing, comb through your hair for perfect detangling.

Step 3. Maintain

Condition Naturelle: Shake before use and spray a small amount on your towel-dried hair. Comb through, then blow-dry or dry hair naturally.

Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice: Shake can, tip slightly and release mousse in your hand. Product will build slowly. Apply to damp or dry hair. This will add hold, flexibility, and volume to short hair (alcohol-free!).

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