Complexe Energisant, 12 Vials

Leave-In Invigorating Scalp Treatment for Thinning Hair



Essential botanicals power this energizing scalp treatment to help invigorate tissue and strengthen thinning, lifeless hair. Complexe Énergisant’s innovative blend includes sage, mimosa, beech, acacia, and seaweed extracts. Named one of the best products for people concerned about hair growth. With a subtle peach and passion fruit fragrance.



  1. liz

    My hair has really taken a hit recently, and I’m not sure why I’m losing so much, but it was starting to scare me. This has helped with my hair drop, and also adds a nice bit of shine

  2. maggie9966

    This product is amazing, I have been use it for 4 years.It definitely worthy !my hair is full of energy, and it is very easy to apply, highly recommends!

  3. cproducefresh

    Saw many doctors for hair loss and thinning hair and the only answer was Leonor Greyl


  4. twintef

    I have been using these vials for years and can’t say enough about this product. It has a great fragrance. If used consistantly you will see new hair growth at you hair line. Yes, they are expensive but it is definately worth it!!

  5. Joy

    I have been using this product for 2 months now, and my hair growth is visible in my middle part. It is not a ton yet, but I think with the continued application my hair/scalp will benefit from the product. The product is easy to apply and dries down fast. It also has a nice scent after application.

  6. Shi Evans

    I have purchased this project a few times now. I will continue with the maintenance routine. I saw length increase in the crown area where I concentrated use. That is where I had thinning. Next time I will focus on my whole scalp.

  7. Julia W

    I’ve been using this product for about a year now and there’s no turning back. My hair has thinned over the last few years from stress and genetics, but since using this product my hair is longer than it has been in a few years!! Not quite the volume I would have hoped for, but I still feel more confident in my hair than I have in a very long time. Definitely need to use this consistently to get results.

  8. Shi Evans

    This product defines Slowed down or stopped my hair loss. Although I have not noticed new growth.

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