Bain Vitalisant B

Specific Shampoo for Fine, Color-Treated or Damaged Hair



Fine color-treated hair needs extra TLC from its shampoo. That’s why Bain Vitalisant B is enriched with vitamins B, E and F to fortify and protect fragile tresses. Infused with a refreshing light lemon scent.

Size: 7 Oz/ 200 ml Retail Size
  • 7 Oz/ 200 ml Retail Size


  1. Bahja Musa

    i’ve been coloring my hair for about 7 years and nothing made my hair feel healthier! it got rid of my frizzy hair and also recovered the dryness. this product is an absolute miracle!

  2. Maude Polo

    I’ve been using this shampoo for decades. I have thick hair…colored it for years, but let it grow out to salt and pepper over five years ago.
    Had cancer recently and was told that there was a 100% chance that chemotherapy would cause me lose all my hair and I didn’t!
    I’m now 79 years old and my hair is still beautiful! Thank you!!

  3. Joy

    I am a life long (colored) red head and this is the one shampoo that keeps my color looking great. There is no fading, no brassy dull look, my hair stays shiny and elastic, not faded or frizzy..
    On the last visit my colorist was amazed at the color retention and the vibrancy of my reddish brown, my color lasted at about 5 weeks and still looked shiny and natural.
    I give this product my highest recommendation for color treated hair.
    Do note that there is not a lot of lather but Bain B does the job very, very well.

  4. Maude Polo

    I am presently 78 years old. I have been using this product for decades. It’s the only shampoo that makes my hair look soft and shiny…and brings out my natural wave. I only have to wash my hair and use a little of your creme of fleures rinse and let it air dry.
    I recently had lung cancer and chemotherapy. I was told that everyone who has this type of chemo loses their hair. I lost only a little…nothing noticeable. The oncologist said I’m the only patient that didn’t lose all their hair! I also have very little grey. Not sure if there’s any correlation with your product…but I’m sticking with success. Thanks!!!

  5. Rose

    The most nourishing shampoo I’ve ever used. It’s healed my dry hair!

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