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Show your hair some love this Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re staying in with your besties for a Galentine’s celebration, or heading out on the town for a Valentine’s Day date, our stylist tips and expert Leonor Greyl product picks will give you salon-worthy hair no matter what your plans are…

For staying in: a Galentine’s Day haircare ritual

With winter still in full force, everyone’s hair deserves some extra love. The perfect storm of icy temperatures, heating, and too-hot showers takes a toll. Our tresses become dry, fragile, and prone to split ends.

“Winter’s really tough on the hair,” says Leonor Greyl Educator and Stylist Kat Savano. “It gets dehydrated, dull and brittle. This moisturizing and hydrating 3-step treatment for the hair and scalp is the perfect pre-spring ritual. And it’s easy and fun to do with friends. Apply all three steps to dry hair – it doesn’t matter if they’re wearing product, hairspray, or dry shampoo. The oils in the treatment break everything down.”

What better way to show your girls and your hair that you love them both than by indulging in some self-care that’s equal parts fun and relaxing.

1 . Healthy hair starts with the scalp

When temperatures plummet, just like skin, your scalp can become dry and uncomfortable. Kat recommends Leonor Greyl Huile Apaisante to begin the ritual. With eucalyptus, camellia oil and fatty-acid rich Brazil walnut oil, it soothes, calms and moisturizes dry, itchy scalps. “Make four horizontal parts in your hair, roll the oil onto your scalp (it has a super-handy rollerball applicator), and massage in for a couple of minutes. Leave it on and move on to the next step!”

2. Lock in moisture with a deeply hydrating treatment

Thirsty locks need deep conditioning to restore softness and shine. Pro-favorite L’Huile de Leonor Greyl uses a blend of jojoba, sunflower, and sesame seed oils to hydrate and replenish every hair type from ultra-fine to straight, dry, curly, coiled, and kinky. “Apply a capful to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, and again, leave it in,” advises Kat. “It has this fabulous smell that transports you to the beach.” A pro tip: at 72 degrees or lower the oil becomes solid. “If this happens simply run the bottle under warm water.”

3. Gently cleanse hair and scalp

Now you’ve packed in all that goodness, it’s time to shampoo. The best shampoos nourish and lock in moisture without stripping strands of natural oils. With calming chamomile and sage in a sulfate-free formula, Creme aux Fleurs gives a gentle deep clean. “This is by far my very favorite product,” says Kat. “This amazing green cleansing cream is intensely hydrating. As you come out of winter it restores hair to supple, shiny and delicious. For this ritual, apply over the two oils from roots to the tips of hair. Coat your scalp and strands. Massage through and leave for 20 minutes. Now we’re finally going to rinse everything out. Add a little water, lather up and rinse. Repeat four or five times until your hair is clean and clear. And you’re done!”

For going out: Valentine’s Day styling essentials

Whatever your Valentine’s evening calls for we have the hair styling products to create a salon-worthy finish with ease at home. From the most effective styling sprays for a glossy blow-dry, to an effortless air-dried style, look no further than Kat’s favorite hair problem solvers.

Shampoo & conditioners

The right foundation is as essential as your styling product, says Kat. The failsafe for every hair type? “Shampooing Au Miel gives incredible bounce and shine to medium and fine hair. If your hair is coarser, Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou hydrates and tames frizz.” Need an extra hit of deep conditioning? “Jojoba-enriched Masque Fleurs de Jasmin is tailored for fine hair, and Masque à l’Orchidée deeply conditions dry hair and adds shine.”

Making the most of curls, coils and kinks

“If you have curly hair, you want to encourage the bounce,” says Kat. “With seaweed and flower extracts, Algues et Fleurs keeps waves and curls full of life, even if you air-dry.” No time to wash? Spritz on dry hair to reactivate your curls. Coils and kinks generally need more moisture. Tonique Hydratant, loaded with collagen and amino acids, says Kat, refreshes and hydrates thirsty curls without stickiness.

Turn up the volume

Old-school, full-bodied blowouts are back. If you have fine hair, defying your roots and building body can feel like a daunting task. “With plant proteins and moringa extract Condition Naturelle gives incredible volume, heat protection and shine without weight,” says Kat. “But if you want that really big, glam blowout combine Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice with Voluforme spray. Apply a quarter-size of mousse to damp hair. When it’s about 80% dry, start using rollers or a round brush to create lift. Spritz Voluforme heat-setting spray on each section as you work on it, and you’ll have sexy, bouncy hair without heaviness. These two products together also give incredible hold.”

The perfect polished finish

Prefer smooth, sleek looks? Whether you’ll be sporting a slicked-back pony-tail, chic bun, or wet-look style, Kat likes a cocktail of Gel à L’Hibiscus and Éclat Naturel for a super high-gloss shine. “It gives a glossy hold without crunch or flaking.”

Grooming short hair

Short hair can fall flat quickly, and that’s where products that give body and texture come in. “If you like a light finish – where you can still run your hands through your hair – Éclat Naturel gives a natural but groomed look. For a firmer hold and lived-in texture, apply a pearl of Baume Bois de Rose to dry hair.”

Whether you’re treating someone you love to a pampering night in, or trying something special for a Valentine’s date night, you can’t go wrong with our tried-and-tested, expert-approved hair saviors.

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