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The Secrets to Naturally Shiny Hair

Most of us spend hours every day straightening, curling, blowing and styling our hair, all while trying to enhance shine. There are a LOT of products on the market designed to make hair “shine,” but natural shine is the best. Your hair isn’t coated with silicone, it isn’t weighed down, and your hair can actually breathe! As an added bonus you’ll find your styles last longer too. Below are the secrets to ensure your hair is naturally shiny and beautiful every day of the year.

1. Use a natural bristle brush – these are less likely to break hair, and are great at redistributing natural oils throughout the hair, boosting shine. Try Leonor Grey Natural Bristle Brush.

2. Pre-treat your hair – by pre-treating your hair, you are helping pre-detangle the hair, gently break down product build-up, add softness and enhance shine. By using a pre-treatment oil with natural UVA/B filters, you will protect against harmful sun rays, and chlorine & saltwater when outside. A must for all hair types! We recommend Huile de Leonor Greyl.

3. Shampoo & Condition correctly – treat your hair and scalp right, don’t “scratch” your scalp, and don’t worry about shampooing the ends of your hair (the shampoo will distribute when you rinse). Apply shampoo at the scalp, and massage. Continue to emulsify with water until a gentle lather builds, and rinse well. Apply conditioning masque at the length and ends only and comb through, and rinse well. Your roots will be cleansed and lifted, and the rest of your hair will maintain its natural shine

4. Do a final rinse with cold water after shampooing and conditioning – This will help close the cuticle, leaving strands shiny.

5. Style with a smoothing cream or serum – created to keep the frizzies at bay, smooth the hair, and enhance your naturally shiny hair, creams (for thicker hair) and serums (great for any hair type) are a styling must! We recommend Eclat Natural and Serum de Soie Sublimateur.

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