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Since it was founded in 1968, Leonor Greyl has continued to create new ways to bring out hair’s full beauty.From the divine Crème aux Fleurs to the iconic Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou, from the indulgent Masque à l’Orchidée to the indispensable Sérum de Soie Sublimateur, Leonor Greyl offers a vast range of hair care products. What makes the brand special is its unique approach, a blend of daring, formulations and creativity with a fundamental commitment: to only offer natural products of which the active ingredients are exclusively taken from the world’s incredible pharmacopoeia of plants, flowers and fruits.

This holistic, eco-responsible approach proved to be ahead of its time, but it also corresponds with a typically French vision of beauty: refined and exacting, refusing beauty dogmas. While advanced research goes into Leonor Greyl beauty rituals, they are always very easy to use.

This twofold objective – effectiveness and effortlessness – is particularly well illustrated in the brand’s range of styling products, including modeling gels; setting, protecting, volume-boosting and curl-enhancing sprays; beautifying serums; and nourishing detangling lotions to adapt to all hair types and hairstyles.

Today, this range is expanding with a new star product, Baume Bois de Rose.

Until now, the choice of styling products often posed a cruel dilemma between very structured gel – which becomes stiff, stifling the capillary fibers and scalp – and wax, which gives a more natural appearance but which lacks setting power and is difficult to wash out.

To create this new formula, we selected and combined the best that nature has to offer. Baume Bois de Rose is a radically innovative care product making use of the properties of four exceptional active ingredients: berry wax, with its protective, softening qualities; Brazilian Carnauba (Copernicia cerifera) palm wax, which offers terrific structuring power; Jasmine wax with its remarkable moisturizing properties; and  Amazonian Cupuaçu butter, a strong antioxidant which acts as an anti-UV barrier and which has a long-lasting hydrophilic potential to provide more than twelve hours of continuous moisturization to the hair cuticle.

By combining all these characteristics in a single product, Leonor Greyl has developed a styling product like no other. Its surprising formula initially resembles a balm to be warmed in the palm of the hand before its application, like a styling wax. It immediately softens, leaves no residue in hair, and easily washes out. With such an airy texture and strong setting power, any hairstyle – even the most structured – becomes possible, without ever becoming stiff or dry. But that’s not all: like a molding paste that you can reshape to your heart’s desire, Baume Bois de Rose allows you to change your hairstyle throughout the day. No more monotonous looks from morning to evening; no more styling errors made stubborn by traditional gels and waxes… Leave the old limitations behind.

As a finishing touch, the rosewood fragrance that leaves a delicate trace in the hair is suitable for men and women.

By finally offering it all – hold, structure and natural ingredients – Leonor Greyl’s Baume Bois de Rose is even better than an “instant classic”. It is a revolution in softness and an indispensable styling tool to adopt without delay… And for good!

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