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Leonor Greyl Ingredients: Proteins

Meet the Superfoods With Super Protein Powers for Your Hair: Moringa, Quinoa and Sweet Almond

The beauty industry is buzzing about the power of proteins. But we’re not just talking about superfood smoothies, snack bars, and side dishes.

Ancient grains, mighty seeds, and nutritious nuts have made their way into shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products.

Researchers found that when hair is treated with the right proteins, locks will drink up vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The result is stronger hair with enviable shine and suppleness.

You can find botanical proteins in everything from wheat to rice, but our research and development team is especially devoted to these three heroes:

Quinoa. Moringa seed. Sweet almond.

“These plant-derived proteins are the DNA of the Leonor Greyl line,” says R & D director Tom Brooks. “They are essential to having healthy and glamorous hair.”

What exactly does protein do for your hair?

All proteins – animal and botanical – are based on the same amino acids, Tom explains. There are thousands of different types of proteins with different sizes and shapes, but they all behave in the same way. They want to attach to each other.

Because our hair is mostly made of keratin (95%), botanical protein extracts will attach themselves to the keratin and help smooth out rough patches on damaged hair and restore natural luster.

Leonor Greyl first embraced plant-based proteins two decades ago – long before they were considered the latest hair hack. We use non-GMO botanicals in place of animal-based keratin or collagen in as many products as possible.

Ethically sourced and meticulously selected, our quinoa comes from Peru and Bolivia, the moringa from India, and sweet almond from producers in the United States.

Read on to learn more about how these super proteins, which happen to be gluten-free, can do wonders for your mane…


Moringa (moringa oleifera seed) for hair comes from the fast-growing, drought-resistant moringa tree, which is native to India. Its dark brown high-octane seeds are packed with iron, zinc, essential amino acids, and vitamins B, C, and E. Some moringa fans swear by its ability to spur hair growth. We love how moringa’s amino acids aid in strengthening and smoothing split ends.

Find it in:


Ancient Incas called quinoa (KEEN-waa) the “mother of all grains,” and we call it a protein powerhouse. When used in hair care, quinoa helps improve, protect and condition hair. It also promotes smoothness, retains moisture, and over time, will diminish signs of damage. Quinoa soothes even the most sensitive scalp, softens hair, addresses split ends, eases detangling, improves shine and improves overall condition of hair with repeated use.

Found in:

Sweet Almond

Another superfood, almonds are packed with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium, and biotin. In Leonor Greyl products, almond extracts can work miracles for distressed strands that needs more strength and shine. Almonds provide the kind of protein boost needed to repair damage caused by hot styling tools, chemical processing, and sun exposure.

Found in:

As you can see, Leonor Greyl makes it easy to add botanic proteins to your self-care hair care ritual. We’ve always chosen to work with Mother Nature’s most precious resources, and we always will!

Read more about Leonor Greyl’s benefit-driven natural ingredients here.

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