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How to keep a flawless hairstyle by 91 degrees and 70% humidity?

It was the challenge of hair stylist Adir Abergel at the premiere of Transformers, which took place under the tropical heat of Hong Kong. To achieve the beautiful, smooth look of Nicola Peltz’s flawless hairstyle, he released the lethal weapon against Frizz: an application of the Orchid Masque for conditioning and smoothing, followed by a dollop of Mousse au Lotus for volume and a perfect finish. Viola!

The Breakdown:

1. He conditioned Peltz’s hair with Leonor Greyl Masque à l’Orchidée.

2. With the hair still damp, he combed a generous amount of Leonor Greyl Volumizing Styling Mouse from the roots to mid length for body.

3. After parting her hair, he blow-dried it smooth with a round brush and wrapped each section around Velcro rollers.

4.He brushed through the waves with a paddle brush, tucked one side behind her ear, and finished with styling spray.

To keep her hair gorgeous throughout the premiere he gave her one rule for the night: “Don’t touch your hair, because the more you touch it the more the natural oils break down the style.”


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