How to Get Your Sexiest Style Yet

Here at the office we are so in love with this glamorous look Stephan, one of our favorite stylists at the Leonor Greyl Institute in Paris, recently shared with us.

If you have shoulder-length or longer hair, this style is so easy to get. Here’s how:
1. Prep the hair with Condition Naturelle spray before blow drying.
2. Once the hair is dry, place seven or eight rollers in your hair. Spritz with Voluforme to set the rollers.
3. Let hair set for a few minutes. Use a few fasteners to mount hair into a bun. Leave in for approximately ten minutes then promptly remove the fasteners. Your hair will have beautiful movement with loose waves.
4. Rake fingers through your hair with Serum de Soie Sublimateur to tame frizzies and add gorgeous shine and softness.

Gorgeous you!!

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