How to Get Beyonce’s Super Sexy Square Bob

There is no doubt that Beyonce was the Queen of the Grammys with her chic and sexy bob.

“This is the new ‘IT’ look and length! It’s super ultra modern and perfect for the winter and spring. Beyonce looks absolutely amazing with her square bob,” celebrity stylist Ricardo Rojas exclaimed to us.

How can you do this at home? Easy.

  1. Start off with damp hair, and part it in the middle.
  2. Take a quarter sized dab of Leonor Greyl’s Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice and run it through the hair using your fingers.
  3. Dry the hair with a diffuser.
  4. Once dry, apply Leonor Greyl’s Eclat Naturel on the palm of your hands and scrunch the ends of the hair – from the bottom to the top. This adds the volume and natural waves that Beyonce is rocking at the show.

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