Helping Our Seas Become Plastic-Free

The Sea Cleaners

At last…Summer! Time for being outdoors for gatherings, picnics, a day at the beach, a swim in the ocean, but for how long? Our oceans are in peril due, in large part, to the pollution and plastics in these vast waters. And, because of this, our ecosystems are in danger. We must make changes. Now.

The statistics are daunting. 9 million tons of plastic are dumped into oceans every year. 9 million.  Over 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year. 1400 marine species are already affected, and 5 countries are generating over 50% of the plastic pollution found in waters. The consequences will be devastating for the environment and the people, damaging global economies and health.

Leonor Greyl is botanically based, and our core values focus on passion, integrity and nature. We love and respect our planet, especially our seas and are acutely aware of plastic polluting our waters. We are proudly partnering with the non-profit association, The Sea Cleaners, joining other high-profile sea-loving sponsors, including The Prince Albert II of the Monaco Foundation, the Oceanographic Institute and the Oceans Future Society run by the Cousteau family, to support this forward-thinking organization. The Sea Cleaners view the conditions of our seas as “a planetary plague” and is dedicated to the global conservation of our oceans.

“At Leonor Greyl, our respect of all things nature is intense and this partnership with The Sea Cleaners made perfect sense to us immediately,” states President Caroline Greyl. “We are honored to be amongst so many supporters and sponsors to save our seas from this immense pollution and help our failing ecosystems.”

Yvan Bourgnon of the Sea Cleaners

The Sea Cleaners Association was created and is led by navigator, ecologist, and life-long offshore race competitor Yvan Bourgnon, after his shock at the magnitude of pollution he witnessed while racing worldwide. He gathered experts to find a solution to this catastrophic issue as he also felt that his generation had widely polluted the oceans.

Bourgnon and his team are designing the Manta, a revolutionary factory ship that will use state-of-the-art tools to gather and remove floating plastic waste before it degrades and irreversibly pollutes marine biodiversity. This floating vessel will be equipped with an onboard factory to collect, sort, compact and store plastic waste. Three treadmills, between the hulls on the vessel, will collect plastic at the mouths of rivers, before it disintegrates in the oceans. Onboard sorters will compact the waste and transform it into energy to help feed the boat’s operation, including wind and hydro turbines. The ship will be able to store more than 250 tons of waste in its hulls until they can be deposited at participating recycling centers. The ship is anticipated to launch on its trial voyage in 2021.

We ask that you support this effort in your own way. Think before tossing that water bottle aside. Bring a bag to gather discarded plastics from your beach gatherings, picnics and events. Pick up a few extra pieces that you may see lying around. Your oceans will appreciate it.

Learn more about and/or support The Sea Cleaners and The Manta, or follow The Sea Cleaners on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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