Get Nicola Peltz’s Modern, Red Carpet Style

Nicola Peltz’s red carpet look at the “Affluenza” premiere was stunning, from her Louis Vuitton dress to her modern, side swept hair.  Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel created the look using Leonor Greyl products.

Get Nicola Peltz’s look at home using Adir’s steps below.

“First start out by prepping the hair with Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle from roots to ends on towel dried hair to protect the hair from heat and to create extra volume.  Condition Naturelle is really an incredible product because it creates pliability yet at the same time gives an incredible amount of volume, which is very hard to get.  I love that it’s not only hydrating but volumizing at the same time, you don’t find that with a lot of products that are heat protecting.”

Then, to make extra height stay all night, add Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice at the roots before blow drying the hair smooth with a round brush.  I made sure to create a deep side part to give it a more modern vibe.  A great trick is to place the deep side part at the highest arch of your brow.

After blow drying the section of hair, take a medium size Velcro roller and wrap the hair around it.  Continue this technique until you have all your hair in Velcro rollers on the entire head.  Once the Velcro rollers have cooled down, remove them all and make sure you accentuate the deep side parting.  This will give it the more mod look.

Then take the crown area and tease the hair making sure you get that Bridget Bardot bump at the crown.  Lock the height with Leonor Greyl Laque Souple and then pull the opposite side of the hair (the side that doesn’t have the deep part) back off the face almost into a half updo and pin it in place with three big bobby pins.

To finish the look, take a few random pieces around the front with a large curling iron and break up the texture by creating a soft wave.  Follow it by spraying some Laque Souple for all night hold.  Don’t worry if it feels a bit deconstructed.  The texture will make it feel young and cool.”


Products Mentioned in this Post:

Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice

Volumizing Styling Mousse

Condition Naturelle

Heat-Protecting and Volumizing Styling Spray

Laque Souple

Light to Medium-Hold Hair Spray

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