Celebrity Stylist Ricardo Rojas Shares Tips for Winter Hair and Scalp Care

We winterize our houses and our cars, but do we need to think about winterizing our scalps?

Natural Beauty did a great interview with one of our favorite celebrity stylists Ricardo Rojas this week to answer exactly that.

As your hair gets exposed to numerous heat and water sources, your scalp isn’t able to breathe properly and needs a little extra TLC to stay in good shape, says celebrity hair guru Ricardo Rojas.

The following are Rojas’ top four tips for saving your scalp in the wintertime.

#1 Buy a Good Tool for Brush Outs

A quality hairbrush is a must for anyone who cares about treating their scalp properly. My favorite brand is the Italian Janeke brushes. Although they may seem expensive, it’s a worthwhile long-term investment. Using a high-quality brush reduces the likelihood that you’ll be harming your hair when doing so. Each of the brand’s brushes is made from the finest materials and you can pick which type of bristles work best for your hair type and styling method.

#2 Pamper Yourself with Palm Oil Treatments

I’m a huge fan of using palm oil treatments on your tresses. It works like an ointment when applied to the hair and not only helps you protect each individual strand of hair, but also completely revitalizes the skin on your scalp.

A special treatment is available at my NYC atelier and at the Leonor Greyl Institute in Paris. I use Leonor Greyl’s Huile de Palme, blended with Leonor Greyl’s Huile Germe De Ble. For blonde hair, I suggest the chamomile blend. Post-treatment, your hair feels thoroughly cleaned and the pores of the scalp are opened and clear. Each strand of the hair will be full of movement and vibration.

#3 Make Time for Monthly Oil Treatments

Especially during the winter weather, I highly recommend applying an oil treatment to the scalp on a monthly basis. Leonor Greyl makes a fantastic product, which is my pick, called Regenerescence Naturelle. In my experience, I find it to have the most regenerative effect on the hair.

For best results, apply the oil prior to shampooing, applying in sections using at least two drops of oil per section. When applied to the entire head and scalp, massage the product in for three to five minutes, and then shampoo and condition your hair before styling as usual.

#4 Shorten the Length

A proper haircut is the best way to start any season off right! In the wintertime, I suggest that my clients can go a bit shorter as to eliminate any dead hair, and damaged strands from chlorine, salt water and the sun.

If you already have short hair to begin with, I would recommend taking off at least three additional inches. For those who have longer hair to work with, I would advise trimming at least four inches in a blunt or angled cut. Of course, if you are making a more drastic cut, don’t forget you can donate your hair to make a free wig for a woman with cancer 4 when it’s eight inches or longer.

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