5 Things You Need to Do For Your Hair in the Polar Vortex

Winter spells disaster for even the toughest hair. Cold air outside and extreme dry heat inside both serve to dry out and damage hair. Hats are the enemy! Not only do they create more frizz, but the wool rubs against the hair causing untold damage. It’s no wonder that come Spring, most of us are desperately in need of a new hair style. What is there to do? Do we succumb to the polar vortex? We don’t. Here are five things you should be doing right now to keep hair shiny, healthy and gorgeous!

  1. Deep condition hair at least once a week. We recommend Creme Aux Fleurs.
  2. Invest in a silk scarf. Before you put on that adorable wool cap, drape a scarf over the hair to protect it from damage.
  3. Keep washing to a minimum.  Hair’s natural oils help protect it from damage. If you need to shampoo once a day use a more gentle wash like  Moelle de Bambou.
  4. Oil, oil, oil. Sometimes your hair’s natural oil just isn’t enough. Apply Huile de Palme to dry hair, length and ends, evenly distribute with a natural bristle brush, leave on for 5-10 minutes, or overnight. Shampoo out.
  5. Get a humidifier. Adding more moisture to the air means keeping the moisture in your hair!

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